And any journalist who dares criticise the PKK or its Syrian offshoot, the "Democratic Unionist Party" (PYD), is considered a traitor who has sold not only his article but his soul. If we are to believe the calculations of the PKK, we can conclude that about 70% of all Kurds must be traitors, agents and Erdoganists, while the remaining 30%, who follow Abdullah Ocalan′s lead, are the noble patriotic Kurds.

Massoud Barzani meets Erdogan in Ankara (photo: picture-alliance/Anadolu Agency/K. Ozer)
Negotiations in Ankara: Massoud Barzani, since 2005 de-facto president of the autonomous region of Kurdistan in northern Iraq meets the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He needs the support of Turkey for the up-coming referendum regarding the independence of Kurdistan from Iraq. Iran and the USA have already voiced their disapproval

Patriots and traitors

The PKK and its supporters are apparently unable to understand that criticism of Erdogan's system or of the Syrian opposition does not automatically connote a desire to curry favour or to flatter. And that tacit acceptance of the violation of the rights of all Kurds who stand in opposition to the party cannot be an effective party policy.

Or that criticism directed against the PKK and its Syrian branch does not necessarily mean advocating Erdogan's policies and endorsing his crimes against the Turkish Kurds. Indeed, they are not even able to comprehend that the Kurdish question – not only in Turkey – is bigger than the PKK and its leader.

This grotesque situation is prompting the regime in Syria to apply the exact same standards to classifying "its own" Kurds as in Turkey. They are good, patriotic Kurds, whom the "Democratic Unionist Party" is trying to win over either openly or clandestinely, along with Omer Ossi, Ammar Bagdache, Qadri Jamil and many others.

The "Kurdish Alliance", on the other hand, or those who took part in the revolution against the Assad regime, are traitors and defectors.

And by the same token, the opposition alliance considers its own Kurds great patriots, brave and heroic revolutionaries, while all other Kurds, in particular the partisans of the "Democratic Union", are nothing more than vile traitors and agents. In this way, the regime and the opposition have been able to reach a common understanding to take action against the Kurds, while the Kurds continue to wage their own indiscriminate, senseless skirmishes.

The only thing left to note is that a third group of Kurds still remains who criticise the Turkish Erdogan system as well as the PKK, who are sceptical of both the Syrian opposition and Assad's regime. And these people perhaps represent the greatest threat to a continuing division of the Kurds and their choice to keep fighting in the trenches of the others.

Hoshang Ossi

© 2017

Translated from the German by Jennifer Taylor

Hoshang Ossi is a Kurdish author and political analyst who writes for leading Arab media outlets.

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"Those who are not with us, are against us"

This is one of the oldest logical fallacies in civilisation. The truth in almost all these divisions as that many people don't know about the different sides; even more people don't care; and the vast majority just want to be left in peace, to get on with their lives. So it's actually:

Good Kurd; Indifferent Kurd; Indifferent Kurd; Indifferent Kurd; Indifferent Kurd; Indifferent Kurd; Indifferent Kurd; Indifferent Kurd; Indifferent Kurd; Bad Kurd

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