M.A. Bourkadi

on: Status of Western Sahara: A Forgotten Conflict, by Annett Hellwig

The article is full of false propaganda. For instance, the allegation that "the native Sahrawis remain for the most part second-class citizens, disadvantaged and discriminated against by the authorities" is false. Native Sahrawis are the first to be accepted in government jobs, and they are also eligible to student benefit of a free transport coupon and full scholarship bourses. Moreover, Morocco has three native Sahrawi ambassadors, and also the former parliament chief is a Sahrawi.

There is "systematic torture and maltreatment". This is also a false allegation. Police intervention is soft regarding the brutality of the pro-Polisario acts and their terrorist acts like the one at Gdeim Izik where ten unarmed guards and an ambulance driver were slain.

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