Major terrorist attacks in Turkey since 2015


A fresh wave of unrest hit Turkey in the middle of 2015. There have since been a number of major attacks, blamed on two separate groups, as the country struggles on multiple fronts.

Suruc, 20 July: a suicide bomber targeted a pro-Kurdish gathering in the town near the Syrian border, killing some 33 people. Islamic State was blamed.

Ankara, 10 October: more than 100 people were killed in twin suicide bombings on a pro-Kurdish peace rally in the capital that was protesting unrest between state security forces and Kurdish militants in the south-east. It was the worst attack in modern Turkish history. Islamic State was blamed.

Istanbul, 12 January: a suicide bomber kills 12 German tourists in an attack on the historic Sultanahmet district. Islamic State was blamed.

Ankara, 17 February: a car bomber kills 29 people in what appeared to be an attack on a military headquarters. The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK), a splinter group, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Ankara, 13 March: TAK claims another car bombing, using a suicide bomber, in the heart of the capital, that killed 37 people.

Istanbul, 19 March: five people killed, including the bomber, in a suicide attack on Istiklal, Istanbul's main high street near Taksim Square that is popular among tourists.

Istanbul, 11 June: car bombing kills 11 in an attack which appeared to target a police bus just several hundred metres from the historic Grand Bazaar. TAK claimed the attack.

Istanbul, 28 June: three suicide bombers kill at least 36 in a co-ordinated attack on Ataturk airport, the country's main international airport. Islamic State is suspected.    (dpa)

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