Olivia McLaran (Plano, Texas, USA), 17 July 2003


Among the most important aspects for the framework for dialogue among Germany and the Islamic world is already in evidence by the act you've initiated: dialogue with the Islamic world. Congratulations on your civilized recognition of the diversity and legitimacy of Islamic civilization. In the United States, since the Iranian Revolution of 1978-89, the national security /media apparatus has viewed Islam as a monolithic homogenous ideology equivalent to the "communist threat" to American security; in response, those agencies launched covert paramilitary operations (typical of the macho extremist operatives who inhabit those agencies and who mirror the so-called Islamic terrorists they always frame for blame).

Another important aspect for dialogue with the Islamic world is to remember, as the presiding Bishop of the American Episcopal Church, Frank Griswold, does, that Jews, Christians, and Moslems all believe in the same God. In a hugely complex world, that monotheistic family has very much in common.

Thank you for this feature and service you provide for peace, justice, and a humane global habitat.

Olivia McLaran

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