Pablo Mendoza

on: EU Policy on North Africa and the Middle East, by Andreas Zumach

Libyan online bloggers should request the immediate stop of NATO bombing. All it does is killing people but not ending the struggle. And involving NATO troops will lead to another Afghanistan, with or without Gaddhafi.

UN and NATO must not to participate in a rebellion which is foreign-influenced. Protecting civilians also means to stop the rebel troops which kill their own countrymen, too. While living, armed rebels are considered freedom fighters, but when dead, they are considered civilians, killed by Gaddhafi military.

The UN and NATO should support all rebels, also in Saudi Arabia and other countries, or stay away from singling out some for help but fight the others. France and Britain are now eager to destroy the weapons they had sold to Gaddhafi, and soon enough they will again sell weapons to a new government. How many thousand of freedom fighters has France killed in Africa during its colonial ruling? Whatever is done now in Libya has simply economic reasons, humanity, unfortunately, has a much lower value.

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