Prof. Farida Majid

on: We Urgently Need Religious Reforms!, interview with Muhammad Shahrur

I am familar with the good work Dr. Fadl has done to battle the fundamentalists. Yet, like many among us, he is misdiagnosing the disease. And, as such his prescription for the cure is wrong. The fundamentalists are ultra-modern and they are already using all the advanced technology available and then some to spread their message of "oneness" of Islam under the sun. My campaign to battle them is the opposite strategy. I am appealing to the reality of cultural diversity within the vast, wonderful world of Dar-ul-Islam. Each Muslim community in the world has its own local cultural heritage, some centuries old and full of color and passion. We should celebrate our unique Muslim cultural character that were blended and bonded with other local cultures. This was the glory of Islam. Not destroying the local cultures wherever it went was how Islam became a World Religion before Christianity could claim a global status.

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