Rajiv Thind, 20 January 2009

on: Doubt about Muhammad's Existence Poses Threat to Islamic Religious Education, by Peter Philipp

It was a very informative article indeed. Now, I also know that there are about 3 million Muslims in Germany, not as many in France (5 million) but still quite a significant number. I also gather that most of German Muslims are of Turkish origins as opposed to Arab origins of French Muslims.

Something in this article really puzzled me. How come despite 3 million Muslims in Germany, Islam does not have the ''corporation status''? Any Christian church has official authority to determine the Christian academic teaching but Muslims do not have this fundamental right like Jews and Christians. I think it is very unfair.

Another confusing thing was that the article mentions 800,000 Muslim children in Germany were taught in ''Back street Koran schools''. I thought it was illegal in Germany to home-school children? Then how come 800,000 kids get schooled in ''Back street koran Schools''? What does it mean?

I think to bring Muslims to mainstream it is very important that Muslims are given the same constitutional rights in Germany as Christians and Jews. This would also mean that Muslims will have responsibility to integrate and cooperate with the German society and laws, they will not send their children to any ''back street Koran schools''.

Christchurch, New Zealand

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