Sisi: Egypt will always support Haftar’s army forces


"Egypt’s position on supporting the Libyan National Army in its campaign to eliminate terrorist groups across Libya will never change," Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi told reporters following his meeting with the Libyan parliament speaker Aqilah Saleh in the Egyptian capital of Cairo.

Sisi noted that his country was supporting what he described as "the legitimacy of Libya represented in the country’s House of Representatives," stressing that the Libyan people’s will "must be respected."

Cairo recognises Haftar’s forces as Libya’s national military. In recent years, Sisi received Haftar many times.

On Wednesday, foreign ministers of Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia – during a meeting in Tunisia – that there was "no military solution to the Libyan crisis", calling for "an immediate ceasefire."

Haftar forces launched a military campaign in April to capture Tripoli from the UN-recognised Government of National Accord (GNA). After several weeks of fighting on Tripoli’s outskirts, however, Haftar’s campaign has thus far failed to achieve its primary objective. Nevertheless, Haftar’s forces remain deployed in several areas around the capital.    (Middle East Monitor)

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