Uniqlo poised to nail the Muslim fashion market


Japanese basics magnate Uniqlo has just released a line of "modest fashion", including hijabs, in American stores. The line is a collaboration with Japanese-British-Muslim designer Hana Tajima, who successfully launched a similar line of modest Uniqlo garments in Southeast Asia last year. 

Uniqlo x Hana Tajima was officially launched on 26 February and is affordably priced from $10 to $60. It includes traditional Islamic garments like the hijab, kebaya and jubbah, but also loose-fitting Western items like skirts and long-sleeved tops.

Tajima told journalists she wanted to provide a variety of garments because "modesty varies from person to person – it's not just about hijabs, it’s about finding looser silhouettes, more coverage, longer hems and sleeves."

Uniqlo will be the latest brand to target Muslim women, following the footsteps of Dolce & Gabbana's line of abayas and DKNY and Mango's "Ramadan collections."    (Huffington Post)

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