U.S. aid cuts to Egypt 'will not alter Sisi's behaviour'


The United States' move to cut and delay economic and military aid to Egypt is symbolic and will not have a major effect on Egypt's capabilities, analysts say.

"Egypt will still receive the vast majority of its $1.3bn in military assistance," said Sarah Yerkes, a fellow at the Washington-based Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. "This [move] is far more symbolic than practical. It is embarrassing to Egypt, but it will not have a major impact on Egypt's capabilities," said Yerkes.

The unprecedented decision to cut $95.7m in aid and indefinitely withhold another $195m in military aid, reflects what U.S. official sources described as the U.S.' frustration with the Egyptian government's stance on civil liberties, specifically with regards to a law that regulates NGOs.    (Al Jazeera)

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