War in Ukraine
India's diplomatic dance over Ukraine

India’s failure to condemn Russian aggression in Ukraine at all costs reflects its longstanding relations with Moscow. But as the war enters a more brutal phase, it’s a price that might be too high to pay

The leader of the world’s largest democracy is having a hard time uttering the word that has dominated headlines and diplomatic discourse for nearly a month. "Ukraine" has topped multilateral and bilateral agendas since Russia launched its invasion last month, but Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears determined to avoid the subject at all costs.  

At a virtual summit between the leaders of Australia and India on Monday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison opened the meeting with a reference to "the very distressing backdrop of the war in Europe" and "Russia’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine".


Modi’s remarks, in sharp contrast, skipped the elephant in the room, meandering through trade, technology, stolen artefacts and cricket. But India’s allies are noting Modi’s studied Ukraine-war omission along with New Delhi’s persistent failure to criticise Russian aggression – and have concluded that it’s just not cricket. 

Over the past few weeks, India has abstained five times from condemning the invasion at the UN, including a UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution demanding an independent inquiry on Russian violations in Ukraine.  

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