Country: Europe

MENA project (image: MENA Project)

Middle Eastern and North African art in Europe

MENA Art Gallery – haven for Arab art

Algerian author Said Khatibi (image: private)

Algeria – wasteland for Arabic literature

Big Brother is watching you

Insect food and savoury nibbles (image: alliance/vizualeasy | karin hansche)

Eating insects in Europe

What is kosher, what is halal?

The Accademia del Piacere (image: Accademia del Piacere)

Arab-Andalucian music

Musical "Romances" between Muslims and Christians

Protests in Baghdad against the Koran burnings (image: Ali Jabar/AP/picture alliance)

Sweden Koran burnings

Playing to the radicals

Iran protests against the regime (image: SalamPix/abaca/picture-alliance)

Books on the Iran protests

Fighting for freedom in the "mullah state"

A protester holds a Syrian flag (image: dapd)

The last Syrian

Dreaming of freedom

A group of Wolt couriers on their bicycles in Berlin (image: picture-alliance/dpa)

Migrants and Germany's gig economy

"ReWolt" against Wolt

Award-winning journalist and author Afua Hirsch (image: Henry Gill)

People of Colour in the UK

Why anti-racism work is under threat

Abdelwaheb Sefsaf, Direktor des Théâtre de Sartrouville et des Yvelines; Foto: C. Raynaud de Lage

France after the Nahel riots

Healing racism wounds through culture

October 1922: After defeating Greece, cheering Turks in Smyrna (now Izmir) displayed a huge Turkish flag (image: Getty Images/Tropical Press Agency/Price)

100 years of the Turkish Republic

The legacy of the Treaty of Lausanne

Ancient pillars at the historical site in the Palestinian village of Sebastia (photo: Nasser Ishtayeh/ZUMA Wire/Imago)

Archaeological site in the West Bank

Dispute about the site of biblical Samaria intensifies

Zyed Benna and Bouna Traore have been remembered with portraits at a community center opposite Clichy-sur-Bois City Hall (image: EPA/LUCAS DOLEGA/picture alliance/dpa)

Death of teen Nahel

France: A chronicle of police violence