Topic: Arab cinema

Still from Fyzal Boulifa's "The Damned Don't Cry" (copyright: Vixens)

"The Damned Don't Cry"

Moroccan melodrama without the tears

Latif Al Ani is one of Iraq‘s most famous photographers (image: Las Belgas)

"Iraq's Invisible Beauty"

Pictures, not words

"Tabayun" art exhibition in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (screenshot: Saudi Arabia state television)

Saudi Arabia's cultural revolution

Artists, but not individuals in the Western sense

Poster for the 15-episode Egyptian series "Tahta-l-Wisaayah", translated as "Under Guardianship"

Vlogging and Arab family values

"Filming every moment"

Still from the film "Notes on Displacement" by Khaled Jarrar (source: Thessaloniki Film Festival)

Khaled Jarrar's documentary "Notes on Displacement"

Putting faces to the nameless

Yemeni film "Al Murhaqoon", 'The Burdened' (source: Adenium Productions)

Berlinale's first Yemeni feature film

The taboo of abortion

Tunisian director Erige Sehiri (photo: Fethi Belaid/AFP)

Tunisia's Oscar shortlist

"Under The Fig Trees" and modern rural youth

Adam, the main character, is played by Palestinian actor Tawfeek Barhom (source: Cannes Film Festival)

Cairo Conspiracy a.k.a. Boy From Heaven

Al-Azhar, a Catholic monastery...and the Dalai Lama

Symbolic image LGBTQ in the Maghreb (photo: DW/F.Steinborn)

Queer Film Festival in Tunisia

Between fear and courage

Film poster "The Lady of Heaven" (source:

Cancelling "The Lady of Heaven"

Why the fuss over the Prophet's daughter?

"El-Ekhteyar 3" publicity photo (source: Synergy)

Egypt's Ramadan series "El-Ekhteyar 3"

At Abdul Fattah al-Sisi's expense

Lebanese female metal band "Slave to Sirens" (photo: YouTube screenshot)

Filming Lebanon’s all-women metal band "Slave to Sirens"

Heavy metal combats the Beirut blues

Still from the film "Melting Dreams" by Haidy Kancler (source; Thessaloniki Film Festival Press)

Afghanistan documentary "Melting Dreams"

A tale of Afghan-European failure