Topic: Arab Spring

Tarek Mitri addressing the UN Security Council in 2006 (photo: AP)

Interview with Tarek Mitri

The Fruits of Pent-Up Fear

Protest against the Assad regime in Jerusalem (photo: EPA/ABIR SULTAN)

The Syrian Uprising

Assad Will Fall, But What Will Follow?

Demonstrators burn a poster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad outside the Syrian Embassy in Nicosia (photo: dapd)

The Syrian Uprising

A People on the Brink

Günther Hasenkamp (photo: Goethe Institute Cairo)

The Cultural Scene in Egypt

Creative Artists Are the Motor for Change

Protests in Tahrir Square on the first anniversary of the revolution (photo: Reuters)

The Arab Spring and Political Change

Are Arabs Capable of Democracy?

Session of the UN Security Council on 4 February 2012 (photo: AP)

After the Veto of the UN Resolution

Syria on the Brink of Civil War

Two women and a graffiti (photo: DW / Bettina Kolb)

Graffiti in Tunisia

A Weapon for Civil Resistance

George Ishak (photo: EPA)

Interview with George Ishak

''We Need a New Revolution''

Adhaf Soueif (photo: Christoph Dreyer)

Interview with Ahdaf Soueif

Happy to Follow the Tahrir Youth's Lead

Protest on Tahrir Square (photo: AP, dapd)

Alaa al-Aswani's "On the State of Egypt"

''Democracy Is the Solution''

Camels on a highway in Oman (photo: Sven Töniges/DW)

Cultural Change in Oman

From Camels to Classics

Assad puppet in "Diary of a Little Dictator" (image: Masasit Mati/YoutTube)

Creative Protest against Syria's Regime

The Puppet Rebellion

Pro-Assad rally in Damascus (photo: AP)

Syria's Minorities and the Uprising against the Regime

In Assad's Fortress

Maya Jribi (centre) during a party conference in Tunis (photo: DW)

Interview with the Tunisian Opposition Politician Maya Jribi

''Tunisia Is Rooted in the Modern and Tolerant Tradition of Islam''

Women protesting against male violence on Tahrir Square on 20 December 2011 (photo: AP)

Mansoura Ez Eldin on Women's Rights in Egypt

Between Hammer and Anvil