Topic: Arab Spring

The faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Tripoli (photo: private copyright)

The University of Tripoli

The Desolate Wasteland of Gaddafi's Education System

Tahrir protests (photo: AP)

Twelve Months after the Start of the Arab Spring

Year Two of the Rebellions

Haitham al-Maleh (right) and Burhan Ghalioun (background), chairman of Syrian National Council, which was formed in exile (photo: Nicolas Fauque/ABACAPRESS.COM)

Interview with Haitham al-Maleh

''We Want the Syrian Regime to Be Further Isolated''

Women on the bazaar of Tripoli (photo: DW)

Libya after the Revolt

Rebuilding the Ruins of Qaddafi

Cairo demonstration (photo: AP, dapd)

Interview with Margot Badran

''This Revolution Challenges Patriarchy''

Flags waved in protest against the Assad regime in Syria (photo: dapd/AP)

Uprising against the Assad Regime

Damascus by Night

Protests in Bahrain (photo: AP, dapd)

Interview with Ali al-Jallawi

''Bahrain Has No Future under This Government''

Mustafa Barghouti, presidential candidate, holds up his ballot paper as he votes in the Palestinian presidential election in 2005 (photo: picture alliance/dpa)

Interview with Mustafa Barghouti

Palestinians and the Path of Peaceful Resistance

A young man walks past graffiti that reads 'revolution' in downtown Cairo (photo: dpa)

2011 in the Arab World

No Reason to Fear the Democratic Experiment

Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan (photo: dpa)

2011 in the Arab World

''Change We Can Believe In''

Editors working for the weekly newspaper 'Libya Al Jadeeda' (photo: Werner D'Inka)

The Post-Gaddafi Era

Teaching and Learning for a New Libya

Mohammed Bachbachi, owner of the Sabha bookshop (photo: Roas Mendes)

The Sabha Bookshop in Tripoli

Filling the Intellectual Void

Alaa Al Aswany (photo: dpa)

Interview with Alaa Al Aswany

''We're Still at the Beginning''

A demonstrator in Yemen (photo: AP)

Review of Michael Lüders' book on the Arab Spring

How the Arab Revolution Is Changing the World

Bouthaina Kamel (photo: picture alliance/dpa)

Interview with the Egyptian Activist Bouthaina Kamel

''The Revolution Is Not Over as Long as the Military Rules''

Delegates at the Arab League summit in Cairo in November 2011 (photo: dapd)

International Sanctions Against Syria

''A Declaration of Economic War''