Topic: Democracy and civil society

Mohamed Talbi (photo: Beat Stauffer)

Mohamed Talbi

''Religious Dogmas Terrorize the Spirit''

Election in Iraq (photo: AP)

Democracy and Civil Society

Patrick Seale

Commentary Patrick Seale

Can the Arabs Join the Modern World?

Israeli activists attaching stickers with peace slogans to the wall (photo:

Geneva Initiative

New Hope for Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue

Michael Gahler (photo: CDU Gross-Gerau)

Interview Michael Gahler

"We Need to Strengthen the Dialogue with Iran"

Otto Schily, Germany's Minister of the Interior; Photo: AP

German Federal Interior Minister Otto Schily:

"Islamic Culture Needs Universal Democratic Values"

Tariq Ali (photo: DPA)

Interview Tariq Ali

"That's Not the Democracy We Want"

Azhar University in Cairo (photo: AP)

Azhar Scholars Debate the Civil Society

Let's Not Talk About Politics!

Strange but true – in Lebanon, even deceased people have been known to have cast their vote, (Photo: Ap)

The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections

Reforming Lebanon's Political Culture

Dr. Nader Fergany, head of the Almishkat Centre in Cairo and coordinator of the UNDP Arab Human Development Reports (photo: Economic Research Forum for the Arab Countries, Iran and Turkey, ERF)

Interview Nader Fergany

"The USA Has Given Democracy a Bad Name"

Saad Eddin Ibrahim (Photo: Saleh Diab)

Interview Saad Eddin Ibrahim

"The EU must Cease Support of Repressive Systems in the Arab World"

Thousands of Lebanese gathered on Beirut's Martyr's Square for protest, photo: AP

Civil Society in Lebanon

Sensitive Political Issues Are Avoided