Topic: Dialogue of Cultures | Intercultural Dialogue

Ipek Ipekcioglum aka DJ Ipek (image: Melis Oezdil)

Eklektik BerlinIstan meets Anatolian folk

DJ Ipek's space-time continuum in sound

Hella Mewis in her cultural centre in Baghdad (image: TARKIB)

Life in Iraq

No politics, no religion, no sex

Algerian author Said Khatibi (image: private)

Algeria – wasteland for Arabic literature

Big Brother is watching you

American vocalist and songwriter Galeet Dardashti (image: Galeet Dardashti)

Galeet Dardashti's "Monajat"

Dedicated to Muslims and Jews everywhere

Portugal: Campus project in Braga. Rehearsals for the grand finale at the Campus Concert of the Beethovenfest in Bonn (image: Madmo Springer)

Germany's Beethovenfest

Afghan and Iranian musicians join forces

The West-East Divan Orchestra was founded in 1999 by Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said (image: Peter Adamik)

Edward W. Said Days in Berlin

Music – facilitator of intercultural dialogue

The Accademia del Piacere (image: Accademia del Piacere)

Arab-Andalucian music

Musical "Romances" between Muslims and Christians

David Ben Gurion (standing) proclaims the establishment of the State of Israel in May 1948 (photo: AFP/dpa/picture-alliance)

Israeli documentary "1948 – Remember, Remember Not"

The perspectives of others

Mekaal Hasan Band (source: Mekaal Hasan Band Facebook page)

Showcasing music from Pakistan

Back to the roots

Michael Dreyer, director of Osnabruck's Morgenland Festival (image: Liudmila Jeremies)

Morgenland Festival Osnabruck

Countering patriarchal cliches

Arabic Language Center booth at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair (image: ADIBF)

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

"We're not looking for Western recognition"

"Tabayun" art exhibition in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (screenshot: Saudi Arabia state television)

Saudi Arabia's cultural revolution

Artists, but not individuals in the Western sense

Cover of Fawzi Boubia's "West-Oestlicher Divan" published by PalmArtPress (source: publisher)

Fawzi Boubia's "Mein West-Oestlicher Diwan"

A tale of disappointed love

Cover of Tayfun Guttstadt's album "Tarapzade" (source:

Dialogue of cultures

Tarapzade – "Seek it in yourself"

Language areas of the brain in native speakers of German and Arabic (source: MPI CBS/DW)

Language and language acquisition

How the brain processes German and Arabic