Topic: Human rights

Emos in Iraq (photo: AP)

Persecuted Emos in Iraq

No Place for Emotions

Men attack and set fire to Shiite homes in Sampang, Indonesia (photo: Getty Images)

Persecution of Shiites in Indonesia

Hate Preachers and Incitement to Violence

Southern Sudanese wave flags and cheer at the Republic of South Sudan's first national soccer match in the capital of Juba on 10 July 2011, one day after South Sudan declared its independence (photo: AP)

South Sudan One Year after Independence

Unresolved Conflicting Issues

Afro-Turks during the Sixth Festival of the Calf (photo: Ekrem Güzeldere)

The Fate of the Afro-Turks


Nothing Left But the Colour

Meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council (photo: dpa)

The Gulf Monarchies and the Arab Spring

Counter-revolution in the Gulf

Aleppo's citadel (photo: Claudia Mende)

Aleppo's Old Town

World Cultural Heritage Threatened by Syria's Civil War

Syria's President Assad and generals of the Syrian army (photo: dpa)

The Political Legacy of the Baath Regime

Assad's Systematic Destruction of Syria

Holy Mother of God church Aleppo (photo: Kevorkmail/Wikipedia)

The Armenian-Syrian Musician Hrach Macoushian

''It is Craziness to Support the Assad Regime!''

Syrian refugees (photo: AP)

The Destiny of the Syrian Refugees

''The Floodgates of Humanity Must Be Opened Immediately''

Egyptian army soldiers drag a female protester along the ground during clashes at Tahrir Square in Cairo in December 2011 (photo: Reuters)

Mona Eltahawy's controversial article in <i>Foreign Policy</i> magazine


An Attempt to Portray Arab Women as Victims

A defaced poster of President Assad in Aleppo (photo: Reuters)

Uprising in Syria

Zero Hour Approaching for Syria

Statue of a man holding a book (photo: DW/Munaf al-Saidy)

The Iraqi Education System

Education in an Age of Terror

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad addressing parliament (photo: AP)

Opinion: Abdullah Iskandar on the Damascus Bomb Attack

The Syrian Regime's Strategic Failure

Clouds of smoke rise above Damascus after the attack on 18 July 2012 (photo: dapd)

Interview with Heiko Wimmen

The Beginning of the End for Assad?

Columns of smoke rise above Tripoli after a NATO air attack on 7 June 2011 (photo: picture alliance/dpa)

Syria, Libya and the ''Responsibility to Protect''

Don't Look Away