Many Tajik brides aren't their husbands' only wives (image: Boaz Rottem/IMAGO)

Human rights in Asia

Tajik women turn to polygamy to survive

Students of Tehran's Sharif University attend a rally (image: NNSRoj)

Iran protests

Tehran dismisses university lecturers

Hella Mewis in her cultural centre in Baghdad (image: TARKIB)

Life in Iraq

No politics, no religion, no sex

American historian Elyse Semerdjian (image: private)

The Armenian genocide

"Genocide is a feminist issue"

Men with a bicycle on a flooded road in Satkania Upazila, South Chittagong, Bangladesh, August 2023 (image: Muhammad Amdad Hossain/ZUMA Wire/IMAGO)

Climate change in Bangladesh

The sinking of a city

Demonstrators rally at the National Mall in Washington DC to protest against the Iranian regime on 22 October 2022, following the death of Mahsa Amini in the custody of the Islamic Republic's notorious "morality police" (image: AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Mahsa Amini: one year on

Tehran has lost the battle for credibility

One of many destroyed neighbourhoods in the port of Derna, Libya (image: AFP)

Libya's 'medicane'

The tragedy of Libya's Derna

The village of Tikht saw most of its homes flattened in Morocco's earthquake (image: Fethi Belaid/AFP)

Morocco earthquake

'Finished here' – a village vanishes

Students demonstrating in Frankfurt in 1969 (image: dpa/picture-alliance)

Migration in the 1960s

Adapting to Germany's fast-changing society

Two policeman standing in front of seized alcohol in Mazandaran province, Iran (image: IRIBNEWSI

Alcohol in Iran, Turkey and the USA

Are all taboos justified?

Insect food and savoury nibbles (image: alliance/vizualeasy | karin hansche)

Eating insects in Europe

What is kosher, what is halal?

Author and political scientist Aref Hajjaj (image: DW)

The refugee's struggle for identity

Homeless with three homes

Demonstration in Aleppo, Syria (image: Rawan Issa)

War in Syria

Young Syrians' deep sense of alienation

Islamic consultant Hussein Hamdan (image: Paul Kreiner/Catholic Academy Rottenburg-Stuttgart)

Muslims in Europe and conflict resolution

Meet Germany's first Islamic affairs consultant

Men stand before the burnt out shell of a Salvation Army church in Faisalabad, Pakistan (image: Aamir Qureshi/AFP/Getty Images)

Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan

Who are the Pakistani Islamists vowing 'death to blasphemers'?

Victims of the Rabaa massacre in shrouds with relatives (image: AHMED HAYMAN/dpa/picture alliance)

10 years after Egypt's Rabaa massacre

Still waiting for justice

Police car in front of a mosque (image: Roland Weihrauch/picture alliance/dpa)

Muslims in Germany

Anonymous hate mail rattles mosque congregations

The Khateera media platform is a place for discussing potentially taboo subjects in an open and light-hearted way (image: Khateera)

Equality in the Arab world

Lebanon's 'dangerous' Khateera feminists

Afghan owner of Safe Path Prosperity Social Enterprise, Arezo Osmani, speaks during an interview with AFP in Kabul. Arezo Osmani was „terrified and sad“ when the Taliban returned to power, promising the imposition of a stringent interpretation of Islam that has seen women barred from many avenues for work and education (image: Wakil KOHSAR/AFP)

Four Afghans on two years Taliban rule

Worry, relief, pride, despair