Atom Ergoyan on the set of "Ararat"

Atom Egoyan's "Ararat"

"Who Remembers the Armenians Today?"

Burak Turna (photo:

Burak Turna's "Third World War"

A New Turkish Thriller Puts East and West at Odds

Samir Nasr, photo: &copy

Interview with Samir Nasr

Make Use of Stereotypes - Then Break Them Down

Nuruddin Farah (photo: Samuel Shimon)

Interview with Nuruddin Farah

A Miracle Child, Found and Set Free

CD Cover "Rabah Le President"

Algerian Hip Hop

Rap Rebellion - Loud and Proud

Picasso's Siesta, © Images Modernes (photo: Eric Baudouin)

Picasso Exhibition in Istanbul

More Than a Pirouette on the Banks of the Bosporus

Faisel Laibi Sahi: Coffee Shop in Baghdad, UK, 1984 (photo: Stephan Schmidt)

Iraqi Art

A Culture in Exile

Clara Khoury in Rana's wedding

Interview Hany Abu-Assad

New Creative Impetus for the Palestinian Film

Living in no-man's-land: A film scene from "Atash" by Tawfik Abu Wael

Arab Cinema: Abu Wael's "Atash"

Realism in Unreal Places

Five activists of "Artists without Walls" at work at the wall (photo: Artists without Walls)

"Artists without Walls"

The Wall Jumpers

Filmstill "The Blood of My Brother" by Andrew Berends

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

Camera on Terror

Cover "Mamluk Art" Countless works of art, monuments, historic places, and archaeological sites testify to the common history that is shared by Europe and the Mediterranean and stretches thousands of years into the past

Museum without Borders

Islamic Art in the Mediterranean

Book cover 'Mohammedan Temptations' (&copy

Book Review Stefan Weidner

Mohammedan Temptations

Akram Zaatari - Her & Him Van Leo, Lebanon 2003 (photo: Akram Zaatari)

Modern Film and Video Art

Dis-Illusions in the Near and Middle East

Cover West-East Tightrope Act

West-East Tightrope Act

Cultural Exchange at the Crossroads That Is Cairo

Mohieddin Ellabbad, photo: Jürgen Stryjak

Mohieddin Ellabbad

Starting an International Career from Cairo

photo: Kunsthalle Österreich

Leopold Carl Müller

Sand in the Bristles

The Trio Joubran (photo: Eye for Talent)

Trio Joubran

Modern Palestinian Oud Music Goes Abroad

Skyline Beirut (photo: Larissa Bender)

Journalists Exchange

The Positive Side of Globalization

The late Golam Kasem Daddy, Bangladesh's senior-most photographer at that time at a exhibition of the Drik Network (photo: Abir Abdullah)

Contemporary Art in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Optimism and Confusion