photo: Serdar Somuncu (&copy

Serdar Somuncu

"Hitler Kebab" - Eye-Opener without Taboos

Book cover: "Colonial Myths and Architectural Ventures"

Architecture in Casablanca

The City of Fog - A Metropolis in-between Modernism and Orientalism

"I am not Bin Laden" is the name of the latest children's film by Ahmad Tahami-Nezhad, &copy

Fadjr Film Festival

Days of Dawn in Teheran

At Sulayman Al Bassam's production of "Hamlet", most Iranians left in disgust, complaining about the play's crude anti-Americanism (photo:

Fajr Festival in Teheran

Poised between Censorship and Openness

In Mandanipur's stories, tradition is always an ambivalent factor – it can be destructive, but it may also be a precondition for renewal and creativity, photo: private

Portrait Schahriar Mandanipur

Finding the Source of Misfortune in the Past

photo: Tareq Al-Arab

Portrait Abdelkader Saadoun

Fish out of Water – A Raï Musician in London

Film 'Ali Zaoua' by Nabil Ayouch

Arab Auteur Film Art

An Authentic Image of the Arab Youth

"Turtles Can Fly" tells of orphans who earn a living digging up land mines (photo: Mitos Film)

Bahman Ghobadi and New Kurdish Cinema

Ten Movie Theaters for 40 Million People

"Dynasty", Nigerian style


Watch Out Hollywood, Here Comes Nollywood

Political pressure from abroad plays a role in the selection of a theme for the fair, say analysts (photo: Markus Kirchgessner)

Cairo International Book Fair

Reforms and Censorship

Yamina Bachir-Chouikh (photo: Institut du Monde Arabe)

Interview with Yamina Bachir-Chouikh

No Freedom of Expression without Funds

photo: Sudabeh Mohafez

Portrait Sudabeh Mohafez

Building Bridges between Teheran and Berlin

Scene from the film 'Cine Caravane' at the Beirut documentary festival DocuDays 2004

Arab Cinema

The Dawn of a New Documentary Film Culture

A Turkish flag waves on a boat sailing on the Bosporus through Istanbul, photo: AP

The Turkish Book Market

Hoping for a Push towards Modernisation

Cover "Kino des Orients"

Book Review

The 'Cinema of the Orient' Is Not a Hyped Illusion

Women in Afghanistan – identified by license plates, cartoon by the Algerian cartoonist Dilem (cartoon: Dilem)

Cartoons from the Maghreb

Cunning, Clever, Critical

Badou Jobe paved the way for world music stars like Youssou N'dour, Baba Maal, Salif Keïta and Mory Kante (photo: Momodou Camara)

Portrait Badou Jobe

The Rediscovery of African Values

Ayse Polat, photo: AP

Portrait Ayse Polat

An Unprejudiced View beyond Cultural Borders

Daniel Barenboim directs an orchestra composed of Israeli, Palestinian and Andalucian musicians (photo: AP)

Daniel Barenboim

Musical Diplomacy in the Middle East

The train was originally used to show educational and safety videos to rail personnel (photo: Mary Fowles)

Ciné Rail Project Morocco

Cultural Activities for Children