Samuel Shimon (photo: Larissa Bender)

Samuel Shimon's "An Iraqi in Paris"

A Modern-Day Odysseus on the Way to Hollywood


Seventh Sharjah Biennial

Exploratory Artistic Drilling in the Gulf

photo: filmstill "Head On" by Fatih Akin

Turkish Cinema

Filmmakers' Fear Their Audiences

This year's audience favorite in Nuremberg: "Kebab Connection" by director Anno Saul (photo:

Turkish-German Film Festival

Movies that Mirror Society

Photo: Sylvain Bardoux

Ousmane Sembene's "Moolade"

Opposing Genital Mutilation

A scene from the film "Hejar"

Turkish Cinema

A Nation and Cinema Industry Divided

Isabella Camera d'Afflitto (photo: private)

Interview Isabella Camera d'Afflitto

"Nothing Has Changed Since the Frankfurt Book Fair"

Judging  by their artistic boldness, the films of young Egyptian film-makers seem to be ready for the "Big Screen" (photo: AP)

Young Egyptian Cinema

No Social Taboos Left Out

Sarajevo, photo: AP

Bosnian Film

Life among War Ruins

Raduan Nassar, photo:

Raduan Nassar's "Lavoura arcaica"

Rebellion against the Patriarchal Taboo

The prostitute Warda (Fadwa Suleiman) fears for her life in Wannous' play "Metamorphoses" (photo: Ann-Kathrin-Gässlein)

Saadallah Wannous' "Metamorphoses"

Staging Taboo Issues on a Damascus Stage

Mehmet Aktas (photo: International Kurdish Film Festival Berlin)

Interview Mehmet Aktas and Bülent Kücük


"Kurdish Cinema Really Started out with Yilmaz Güney"

Michel Khlefi (photo: Youssef Hijazi)

Interview Michel Khleifi

Film as a Political Work of Art

photo: Serdar Somuncu (&copy

Serdar Somuncu

"Hitler Kebab" - Eye-Opener without Taboos

Book cover: "Colonial Myths and Architectural Ventures"

Architecture in Casablanca

The City of Fog - A Metropolis in-between Modernism and Orientalism

"I am not Bin Laden" is the name of the latest children's film by Ahmad Tahami-Nezhad, &copy

Fadjr Film Festival

Days of Dawn in Teheran

At Sulayman Al Bassam's production of "Hamlet", most Iranians left in disgust, complaining about the play's crude anti-Americanism (photo:

Fajr Festival in Teheran

Poised between Censorship and Openness

In Mandanipur's stories, tradition is always an ambivalent factor – it can be destructive, but it may also be a precondition for renewal and creativity, photo: private

Portrait Schahriar Mandanipur

Finding the Source of Misfortune in the Past

photo: Tareq Al-Arab

Portrait Abdelkader Saadoun

Fish out of Water – A Raï Musician in London

Film 'Ali Zaoua' by Nabil Ayouch

Arab Auteur Film Art

An Authentic Image of the Arab Youth