Africa is Europe's and America's mental slave, says Prof. Meki Nzewi, South Africa (photo: University of Pretoria)

Opinion Meki Nzewi

Globalization Made Africa a Mental Colony

Ahdaf Soueif (photo: Goldmann Publishers, Germany)


Ahdaf Soueif: Developing a Euro-Arab Literature

Etgar Keret, the country's conscience, according to some (photo: BR Online)


Etgar Keret: The Ambivalence of the Wall

Ulla Lenze during a reading in Damascus (photo: Larissa Bender)


"I Have Been Shocked about My Own Culture!"

The Iraqi-Indian-German band "Lagash" (photo:

Iraqi Music

About the Comforts and Sorrows of Exile

Mohieddin Ellabbad, photo: Jürgen Stryjak


The Skin Colour of the Artist

The Makhmalbaf family in 2004 (photo:



The Makhmalbaf Clan

Hassan Dawud (photo: Larissa Bender)

Frankfurt Book Fair

Will the Arab League Miss Its Chance?

Showing some spine: Frankfurt Book Fair organizers welcome controversy as became apparent at the press conference, 25 June 2004 (photo: courtesy Frankfurt Book Fair)


Building Bridges with Books

The new cultural center in Ramallah (photo: Goethe Institute)

Middle East

Bringing European Culture to Ramallah

Film clip: The Day I Became a Woman, The Makhmalbaf Film House

Iranian Cinema

The Day I Became a Woman

Immanuel Kant, undated painting from around 1800


Kant's Cosmopolitan Philosophy

Navid Kermani (photo: Pariser Hoftheater)

Book Review

Secularised Life of Saints

Werner Mark Linz (photo: courtesy Frankfurter Buchmesse)

Frankfurt Book Fair 2004

A Great Opportunity for Arab Publishers

Found in Translation

Literature as a link between West and East

Oriana Fallaci (photo: AP)


Cassandra Plays with Fire Again

Filmmakers are appealing to the German-Turkish population, for example with "Güle Güle."


Popular Cinema, Turkish-Style

Kinan Azmehr and Issam Rafea of Hewar (photo: Hewar)


Oriental Jazz with a Touch of Classical Music

Excavation at Tall Hujayrat al-Ghuzlan, Jordania (photo: DAI)

German Archeological Institute

Juggling Twin Roles of Researchers and Diplomats

CD cover "Blend"


Arabic Rock Music of International Caliber