Film clip: The Day I Became a Woman, The Makhmalbaf Film House

Iranian Cinema

The Day I Became a Woman

Immanuel Kant, undated painting from around 1800


Kant's Cosmopolitan Philosophy

Navid Kermani (photo: Pariser Hoftheater)

Book Review

Secularised Life of Saints

Werner Mark Linz (photo: courtesy Frankfurter Buchmesse)

Frankfurt Book Fair 2004

A Great Opportunity for Arab Publishers

Found in Translation

Literature as a link between West and East

Oriana Fallaci (photo: AP)


Cassandra Plays with Fire Again

Filmmakers are appealing to the German-Turkish population, for example with "Güle Güle."


Popular Cinema, Turkish-Style

Kinan Azmehr and Issam Rafea of Hewar (photo: Hewar)


Oriental Jazz with a Touch of Classical Music

Excavation at Tall Hujayrat al-Ghuzlan, Jordania (photo: DAI)

German Archeological Institute

Juggling Twin Roles of Researchers and Diplomats

CD cover "Blend"


Arabic Rock Music of International Caliber

Art object, Alexandria, Egypt (photo: AP)

Frankfurt Book Fair

Arab Writers Are Worried

Cover of the first Bidoun edition (


Publishing Art from Three Corners of the World

Imam-al-Bukhara Mausoleum, Bukhara (photo: IFA)

Art and Architecture in Central Asia

"From the Red Star to the Blue Dome"

Film poster: "Channels of Rage"

Documentary Film

Rapping for Peace?

photo: AP


Berlin Film Festival Winner Hits Theaters

Cover of Irshad Manji's German edition of "The Trouble with Islam"

Book Review

The Trouble with "The Trouble with Islam"

Tahmineh Milani (photo: AP)

The Cheeky Girl

Günter Grass (photo: AP)


Grass Grows in the Desert

Stand auf Buchmesse in Kairo, Foto: AP


Buchmesse mit Imageverlust

Claude Chalhoub (photo: Universal Music)

"Orient Meets Occident"

Middle Eastern Music as a Challenge