Radio is a powerful medium in Iraq, photo: AP

Radio for Iraqis

Germany Funds Election Radio in Iraq

Scene from "Blackout Journey", Germany's contribution to the festival (photo: Goethe Institute Cairo)

Cairo International Film Festival

Confronting Violence and Terrorism

The project aims to preserve Islamic artefacts threatened by the Israeli occupation (photo: Museum with No Frontiers)

"Museum with No Frontiers"

Countering the Destruction of Islamic Culture

Muhammad Bakri (photo: Martina Sabra)

Muhammad Bakri

A Palestinian's Career in Film

The prestigious Kleist Award that Sevgi Özdamar won is endowed with prize money to the tune of € 20,000 (photo: Isolde Ohlbaum, courtesy Kiwi-Verlag, Köln)

Sevgi Özdamar

German-Turkish Writer Wins Kleist Award

In Ken Loach's film "Ae Fond Kiss" the Muslim Pakistani Casim and the Catholic Irish Roisin fall in love, filmstill from "Ae Fond Kiss"

Ken Loach's "Ae Fond Kiss"

A Love Story between Two Cultures

According to the British press, Clotaire K easily combines Oum Kalsoum and Grandmaster Flash (photo: Tareq Al-Arab)

Arab HipHop – Clotaire K

"It's a Bastard Music I'm Doing"

Rumi is one of the bands whose concerts have recently been cancelled (photo: Tehran Avenue)

Popular Music in Iran

A Vulnerable and Problematic Art

Peter Ripken, the society's director (photo: litprom)

Promoting Literature of Developing Countries

Discovering Future Nobel Prize-Winners

13th-century folding Koran stand from Konya (photo: Museum for Islamic Art Berlin)

The Museum for Islamic Art in Berlin

On Equal Footing with the West

Can writers help overcome more than cultural barriers? Photo: AP


Literary Initiative Promotes Mideast Peace

Cover of Malek Alloula's "The Colonial Harem"

Malek Alloula


A Peep inside the Harem

Youssou N'Dour is one of the few Muslim world stars in music business (photo: Nonesuch Records)

UNESCO Music Prize 2004

Senegalese Youssou N'Dour Awarded in Germany

Abbas Beydoun, photo: Larissa Bender

Abbas Beydoun

"We Needed Honest Answers"

Meike Schlüter talks to the crew about the production, photo: Manuela Römer

Syrian Sitcoms

Religion, Politics and Sexuality Are Sensitive Issues

Mosque in Konia, photo: Markus Kirchgessner

Discover Islamic Art

Developing a "Museum with No Frontiers"

The Goethe Institute in Karachi, founded in 1956 (photo: Goethe Institute)

Goethe Institute in Pakistan

Karachi Branch Reopens after a Two-Year Break

Michael Kleeberg, photo: private

West-Eastern Divan

Michael Kleeberg's "Lebanese Travel Diary"

Abbas Kiarostami shooting "Ten"

Foreign Cultural Policy

Iranian Cinema - Beyond Festival Films

Apti Birsultanov (photo: Ekkehard Maass)

Contemporary Chechen Poetry

A Conversation with the Author Apti Bisultanov