In brief

Council of Europe warns Spain on migrants in Africa enclaves

Belgium presenter's tearful plea on racist attacks goes viral

ICC rules it has jurisdiction over Rohingya exodus to Bangladesh

Syrian civilians brace for regime assault on Idlib

Dozens of Myanmar civil society groups condemn conviction of Reuters reporters

Tehran summit expected to seal fate of Syria's Idlib

Libyan militias agree to ceasefire in Tripoli

U.S. seeks 'reset' in ties with Pakistan

Five protesters killed in Iraq in second night of clashes with security forces

UN: More than 200,000 people displaced due to conflict in Afghanistan

Pressure rises for surveillance of Germany's far-right AfD party

Egypt's president ratifies law to monitor social media

Iran's Zarif in Syria for talks ahead of Idlib offensive

Will Washington's $300 mn aid cut to Pakistan work?

Yemen government announces pay rise after mass protest

Erdogan urges Kyrgyzstan to shut down Gulen network

Chief of Palestinian aid agency UNRWA slams U.S. funding cut as 'political' decision

Zefzafi, convicted leader of Morocco protest movement, on hunger strike

Fate of Nauru refugees casts shadow over Pacific conference

Who will form the new Iraqi government?

Court orders South Africa to recognise Muslim marriages

New book by German anti-Islam author Sarrazin panned as fearmongering

Erdogan hopes to address Turkish community in Cologne or Berlin

Egypt appoints first-ever Christian woman as governor

UN envoy: 10,000 terrorists in Syria's Idlib do not justify offensive

Dutch populist Wilders cancels Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest

German far-right renews anti-Merkel protests

Iran-based political influence operation: bigger, persistent, global

'Hate in the streets' has no place in Germany: Merkel

'Save me': Kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirl pleads for freedom

Egypt's Sunni authority Al-Azhar says all sexual harassment 'forbidden'

Amnesty calls on Malaysia to quash lesbian couple's caning sentence

Myanmar army chief must be prosecuted for 'genocide': UN probe

Freed German journalist vows to keep fighting for Turkish colleagues

Video of unwanted advance divides Egyptians

20 people detained as police use tear gas to disperse Saturday Mothers' vigil in Istanbul

Dutch premier distances government from anti-Islam cartoon contest

Nauru refugee children 'googling how to die,' whistleblowers say

Rohingya protest for 'justice' on crackdown anniversary

Civilians killed in Yemen strike as foes trade blame

Indonesia's main Muslim group criticises blasphemy sentence

Illusory to think Syrian refugees can return now, France says

Egyptian activist Masoum Marzouk arrested after call for president recall referendum

UN: Gaza running out of fuel and medicine

Rohingya crisis a year on: refugees going nowhere as cash crunch looms

Germany's Angela Merkel stresses media freedom after police blocked TV crew at far-right rally

Israeli army orders criminal probe into killing of two Palestinian teens in Gaza

Morocco's 'pilgrimage of the poor' honours Sufi Muslim saint

Hamas leader: 'On our way' to ending Israel blockade

HRW: Saudi Arabia seeks death penalty for five human rights activists, including Israa al-Ghomgham

Trump vows 'no concessions'; Turkey's lira remains under pressure

Aung San Suu Kyi defends policies toward Rohingya Muslims