In brief

Egypt court jails dozens over 2013 Brotherhood protest

Germanyʹs Merkel hosts head of Libyan government amid offensive by rival forces

Thousands of Algerians hold first rally of Ramadan

Algeria military court jails Bouteflika's brother and two generals

U.S. to deploy carrier to Middle East in 'unmistakeable message' to Iran

In Iraq, religious rap meets a chorus of controversy

Palestinians agree Gaza ceasefire

Sri Lanka expels 200 Islamic clerics after Easter attacks

Sudan mediators look to break deadlock in power transfer talks

Brunei won't enforce gay sex death penalty after backlash

Fearing war, Libyans grim as Ramadan looms

Modi flexes muscles in Kashmir to woo India's Hindu voters

Sudan's Bashir to be questioned over 'financing terrorism'

Top Turkish court says journalists' rights violated

Shrugging off years of oppression, the "Queens" of Sudan face off the generals

Rains like no other: Iraq is tested in era of climate change

China frees 'lost' Uighur wives, but at a price

Turkey detains 137 demonstrators in Istanbul on May Day

Modi gets election boost with U.N. sanction against India's 'enemy No. 1'

Germany's Merkel promises aid to fight jihadists in Burkina Faso

Trump seeks to declare Muslim Brotherhood terrorists

Turkey's 'Communist mayor' tears down walls with fresh approach

Human Rights Watch: Chinese police using app to store data on Uighur Muslims

Muslim women in Sri Lanka unveil out of fear

Standoff persists with "million-strong" march in Sudan

Algeria army chief calls for 'dialogue' with protesters

UN: Fighting near Tripoli killed 376 people in April

Algerian protest leader calls for six-month transition period

In Sudan protesters hail breakthrough in talks with army rulers

Inflation in Iran could reach 40 percent this year as economy shrinks further

Afghan women demand seat at peace talks, but face resistance

Inquiry opens into leaked classified 'French weaponry in Yemen' note

Human Rights Watch denounces 'unfree and unfair' Egyptian vote

Sri Lanka bans face covering after attacks

Iran's Zarif warns U.S. of 'consequences' over oil sanctions

Islamic State claims responsibility for Sri Lankan bombings

Former Turkish PM Davutoglu sharply criticizes Erdogan's AK Party

Indonesia's 'everyman' leader Widodo on track to beat firebrand ex-general

Sudan's Darfur refugees wonder when their turn will come

Algerians rally to demand top union chief resign

Egypt sets date for referendum on extending Sisi's rule

Malaysia probes ʹde-hijabbingʹ event

Second phase of voting begins in India with Kashmir in lockdown

Turkish opposition takes control of Istanbul, tho' re-run appeal still pending

UN in negotiations on Libyan ceasefire

Saudi court resumes high-profile trial of women activists

Algerian protests loosen stranglehold on media

Sudan's interim military council fires three top public prosecutors

Indonesian voters decide between moderate and ex-general

Volunteer doctors and cooks help Sudanese keep up protests

Omar raises $830K for re-election despite Trump backlash

Christianity grows in Syrian town once besieged by Islamic State