In brief

Saudi arrests Shia imam for ″glorifying″ Hezbollah

Palestinian clowns offer relief to kids in Gaza hospitals

Top Muslim body Al-Azhar: Brussels attacks ″violate″ Islamic teachings

World condemns Brussels bombings as strike on European democracy

Greek family opens its home to two Syrian migrant families

Explosions hit Brussels airport

Paris attacks 'accomplice' DNA found on explosives

Bakers, teachers, painters line up to volunteer to save lives in Syria

Istanbul on edge after suicide attack blamed on IS

Paris attacks suspect planning "something in Brussels"

Kurdish New Year marred by clashes with police in Istanbul

Tunisia to launch campaign to curb extremism among youth

UN deplores Rabat's Western Sahara move

EIU claims Trump victory a major global risk

Syrian sides submit documents on political deal

UNHCR voices concern over freedom of movement of displaced Iraqis

Border attack feeds Tunisia fears of Libya jihadist spill-over

Indonesia detains 14 people allegedly heading to Syria

Syria peace talks open in Geneva

Texas festival apologises after Muslim Olympian told to remove hijab

Suicide car bombing kills 34 in central Ankara

As anti-Islam tone rises in U.S., Muslim women learn self-defence

Bangladeshi women trafficked to war-torn Syria as sex slaves

Western security services probe IS identity leak reports

Muslims settle lawsuits over forced church services in jail

More French girls lured by IS than boys

Canada pledges to double refugee intake

Turkey's Erdogan says "women are above all mothers"

Play about a French Muslim president hits nerve in Germany's refugee crisis

After 28 years, Bangladesh revives case to drop Islam as state religion

Saudi centre looks to online videos to counter extremism

Seized anti-Erdogan paper tows government line in new edition

Turkish police fire rubber bullets to break up Women's Day rally

Muslim cleric calls on preachers to sign anti-extremism statement

Moroccan lute player Said Chraibi dies aged 65

Bangladesh arrests Islamists over Hindu priest's murder

IS-inspired militants on offensive in southern Philippines

UN: Myanmar's Rohingya left behind by election gains

Pakistani jailed for 13 years for Facebook post

New coalition commander inherits raging war in Afghanistan

NGOs say Aleppo braced for siege despite Syrian ceasefire

U.S. judge blocks Indiana governor's order barring Syrian refugees

UN food agency says funding target met for Syrian refugees

Nigerian Shias claim Buhari flouting due process

Driving lesson 'chaperones' stir debate in Gaza

Algerian prosecutor seeks jail for imam who urged writer's execution

Young couple among 18 caned in Indonesia's staunchly Islamic Aceh

Uniqlo poised to nail the Muslim fashion market

Fears of home-grown jihadist violence mount in Niger

No longer funny: Band Andrew Jackson Jihad changes name

Rouhani allies win most Tehran seats in clerical body

Egypt sentences Christian teens to jail for contempt of Islam