In brief

Moroccan lute player Said Chraibi dies aged 65

Bangladesh arrests Islamists over Hindu priest's murder

IS-inspired militants on offensive in southern Philippines

UN: Myanmar's Rohingya left behind by election gains

New coalition commander inherits raging war in Afghanistan

Pakistani jailed for 13 years for Facebook post

NGOs say Aleppo braced for siege despite Syrian ceasefire

U.S. judge blocks Indiana governor's order barring Syrian refugees

UN food agency says funding target met for Syrian refugees

Nigerian Shias claim Buhari flouting due process

Driving lesson 'chaperones' stir debate in Gaza

Algerian prosecutor seeks jail for imam who urged writer's execution

Young couple among 18 caned in Indonesia's staunchly Islamic Aceh

Uniqlo poised to nail the Muslim fashion market

Fears of home-grown jihadist violence mount in Niger

No longer funny: Band Andrew Jackson Jihad changes name

Rouhani allies win most Tehran seats in clerical body

Egypt sentences Christian teens to jail for contempt of Islam

Bosnia's mufti urges authorities to act after Islamist threat

Former Turkish football star risks 4 years in jail for ″insulting Erdogan″

Russia gives Afghanistan 10,000 Kalashnikovs

Australian MP seeks contributors to new "war on radical Islam" website

Jordanian film ″Theeb″ at the Oscars

Muslim man sues US gun range for refusing him service

13 handed long jail terms in Tajikistan for raising "IS flag"

How Egypt's changing culture led one emigre to Trump

Jihadi brides are suckers for bad boy sex appeal, says Muslim comic

Infant refugee becomes face of Australia's tough asylum seeker policies

Turkey detains journalist who risks his life to report from Syria

Ban warns against military option for Syria

Australia accused of dragging feet on Syria refugee intake

Trump's pope pushback politically calculated

Indonesian Muslim leaders reject support for any LGBT groups

Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood cuts ties to parent group

UN sends aid to Syria as Turkey calls for ground operation

Australian PM leaves door open to sending refugees to New Zealand

Bangladesh arrests publisher for "offensive" book on Islam

Gay teacher in Birmingham is transforming a Muslim school

Crimean Tatars outraged as Russia charges four with ″terrorism″

Australian hospital refuses to return asylum baby to Nauru

Scandinavia's first women-led mosque opens in Denmark

Israeli police look to appoint first Muslim deputy commissioner

World powers agree ″cessation of hostilities″ in Syria

Scores of Nigerian Shia Muslims charged after army clashes

Indonesia bans ″gay″ emojis on messaging apps

Pakistani Oscar-nominated film tackles ″honour″ killings

Pakistan bans Valentine′s Day as ″insult to Islam″

Violence fears in Philippines after Muslim peace setback

US professor leaves Christian college after hijab row

Wisconsin company fires seven Muslim workers in prayer break dispute

Two Difaf publications make the Arabic Fiction shortlist

Anti-Islam groups rally across Europe