In brief

Indonesian regency separates sexes in schools

Congo-Brazzaville bans Muslim women from wearing full veil

Anger as Algeria pores over new alcohol measures

Amnesty International condemns atrocities in Syrian city of Aleppo

"Charlie Hebdo" cartoonists reject Texas attack comparison

UNESCO awards press freedom prize to jailed Syria activist

Two shot dead at US Muhammad cartoon event

More writers come out for and against PEN American Center's award for "Charlie Hebdo"

Top "Charlie Hebdo" cartoonist Luz says he will no longer draw Mohammed

French Muslim girl banned from class for wearing long skirt

Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders to kick start peace talks

Nigeria liberates 293 girls and women from Boko Haram

Saudi king appoints nephew as new crown prince

Pakistan takes steps to boost halal exports

Pakistan PM orders probe into killing of rights activist

Germany's parliamentary speaker says killings of Armenians were genocide

Morocco seeks to encourage citizens to overcome prejudice about organ donations

India takes Al Jazeera off air in Kashmir map row

UN seeks to step up Western Sahara negotiations

IS group is "Russia's greatest enemy", not US says Lavrov

Malaysia urged to punish Muslims over "cross" protest

US: No reason to think IS leader wounded

Egypt's former President Morsi sentenced to 20 years

Arab Spring loses appeal for youth across Middle East

EU condemns "criminal" killing of Ethiopian Christians

Steinmeier avoids "genocide" label for massacres of Armenians

Islamic law debate puts pressure on Malaysian PM

Nobel laureate Vargas Llosa backs Islam critic Hirsi Ali

Calgary imams fight back against Islamic State recruitment

Iran to appoint first female ambassador since Islamic Revolution

Indonesian Islamic parties propose alcohol ban

Pope's Armenian 'genocide' speech sparks bitter row with Turkey

Syria rights activists' verdict set for 15 April

Two killed as Bangladesh Islamists protest at execution of Islamist leader for 1971 war massacre

Pakistan minister hits out at UAE over Yemen criticism