In brief

New visa rules set off 'panic wave' in U.S. immigrant communities

Vigils in Germany after 'racist' gunman kills nine

Iran votes in parliament elections that favour conservatives

Sick Kashmiris feel deadly consequences of India-imposed blackout

Egypt pursues criminal investigation into Egyptian academic studying in Italy

Macron unveils curbs on foreign imams in France, in bid to combat "separatism"

Netanyahu must be present for start of corruption trial, Justice Ministry says

Libya's UN-backed govt suspends talks after Haftar forces attack Tripoli port

Afghan election challenger Abdullah declares himself president, announces parallel government

Defendants in Gezi Park trial acquitted but new arrest warrant issued for Osman Kavala

Defendants in Turkey's Gezi Park trial acquitted, but new arrest warrant issued for Osman Kavala

With biryani and rice balls, Malaysia aims for halal Olympic gold

Choices curtailed: Iran's parliamentary election

Pakistan to vaccinate 40 million children amid fears of polio

Israeli-Palestinian trade war deepens

Trump and Turkey call for Russia to stop backing Syrian 'atrocities'

"No way!": disgruntled Iranians say they'll boycott elections

Indian court questions interrogation of children in anti-government play

New rape charges against Islamic scholar Ramadan

China's foreign minister in Berlin rejects criticism on human rights

U.S. Senate votes to limit Trump's war powers on Iran, presidential veto expected

Where's the love? Indonesia says no to Valentine's Day

Turkey threatens to hit Syrian 'radicals' who do not abide by ceasefire

Exiled Turkish novelist Asli Erdogan acquitted in terror trial

Egypt moves toward toughening up draconian anti-terror law

Britain and United States asked to investigate UAE crimes in Yemen

The brothels of Daulatdia: Sex workers to get 'honourable' funeral

Lebanese govt wins no confidence vote despite protests

Boxed in by U.S. and Israel, an ailing Abbas takes defiant stance against Trump peace plan

Fighting continues in Idlib as Turkey-Russia talks end inconclusively

India's ruling party sees likely defeat in New Delhi elections

A hijab and Azawakh hounds: Westminster dog show's new faces

Iraqi officials: U.S. will grant vital Iran sanctions waiver

Moroccans protest Trump's Middle East plan and support Palestinians

Italy calls on Egypt to release young researcher and activist

Fire sale: An Iran plant makes the U.S. flags protesters burn

Turkey hints at 'Plan B' if Idlib deals violated

Rulings spark hope for Egyptian Copts fighting Islamic estate law

After fleeing war in Idlib, Syrian families say "nowhere to go"

Russians head to Turkey for talks on Syria's Idlib offensive

British Islamic State bride loses citizenship appeal

UN envoy says push continues toward ceasefire deal in Libya

Egypt frees pro-democracy activist Ramy Sayed, imprisoned for 4 years

Palestinians deny U.S. charges of incitement, blame Trump plan

At the Oscars, 'The Cave' aims to provide hope to Syria

Iran seeks to resolve issues with Saudi and UAE quickly

Medical flights start from Yemen's Sanaa in diplomatic breakthrough

Jihadists' Syria capability intact says U.S. watchdog

Guterres: UN safeguards international law in Middle East

Sisi's order of Dresden's Semperoper Ball is revoked

German city moves to outlaw full-face veil in schools after ruling

Slovenia's first mosque opens after 50 years