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About 1 in 4 Europeans hold anti-Semitic beliefs

'Peace prayer': Muslim choir from restive Thai south to sing for Pope Francis

Myanmar town offers glimmer of hope for Muslims enduring 'apartheid'

Pregnant woman punched, kicked in Australian 'Islamophobic attack'

'Revenge porn' and leaked selfies: sextortion spreads in Iraq

Kashmir shutdown caused losses of more than $1 billion, trade body says

Rohingya in Malaysia warn against fleeing from Bangladesh

Egypt targets relatives of dissidents living abroad

U.S. and Australian hostages freed by Taliban in prisoner swap

U.S. support for Israeli settlements renews focus on core issue in Middle East conflict

French nun refused place in retirement home due to veil

'This is my sacrifice': Thousands maimed in Iraq protests

Egypt's Sisi in Berlin to court German investors

Turkey orders detention of 133 military personnel over suspected Gulen links

Scuffles as protesters in Lebanon block lawmakers' path

Senegal's president calls for more aggressive fight against terrorism

Iran spy agency leaks reveal 'vast' sway in protest-hit Iraq

Iran downplays and demonises protests amid Internet shutdown

U.S. backs Israel on settlements, angering Palestinians and clouding peace process

In new pro-Israel shift, U.S. no longer calls settlements illegal

Turkey re-arrests journalist Ahmet Altan a week after his release

Setback for Tunisia's #MeToo movement as new MP gets immunity

Differences between key nations over Islamic State foreign fighters

Football win over Iran gives Iraqis respite from anti-government protests

Lebanese pay tribute to first slain protester

Pakistan protests block roads but fail to oust prime minister

Uighur activist 'risks mum's life' to urge world to act over China crackdown

ICC authorises probe into alleged Myanmar Rohingya abuse

Egyptian woman fights unequal Islamic inheritance laws

Pakistan's opposition to ramp up protests to force out Imran Khan

Saudi authorities backtrack on description of feminism as extremism

India: DIY Hindu temple waits to move into Ayodhya holy site

Indonesia urges public to report civil servants over 'radical' content

Iraqi protesters rally as UN steps up mediation efforts

Man shot dead as Lebanese army disperse protesters

Turkey tries to shed light on White Helmets founderJames Le Mesurier's death

Turkey attempts to shed light on White Helmets founder James Le Mesurier's death

Hezbollah says its 'arms won't be twisted' as crisis deepens

Hacked Moroccan lawyer urges action against cyber spies

Food shortage fears sparks panic buying in protest-hit Lebanon

UN experts: 'Brutal' prison killed Egyptian ex-president

UN mission in Iraq proposes roadmap for ending upheaval

UAE says diplomatic efforts needed for agreement with Iran

Will the Ayodhya verdict widen the rift or bring India together?

Ayodhya prays for closure after court battle

Thousands join French march against Islamophobia

India ramps up security ahead of verdict on contested Ayodhya religious site

As bigotry stirs globally, Bosnian Jews and Muslims recall lesson in tolerance

U.S. offers millions in rewards for information on al-Qaida leaders

Twitter accounts push propaganda photos of Turkish soldiers

For east Syria, US troops are about much more than oil

Turkey launches domestic operations against Kurdish militants in south-east