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Vatican signals its concern over populist rise in Italy elections

Iraqi Kurdistan leader criticises cut in share of federal budget

German Interior Ministry: first survey figures reveal at least 950 attacks on Muslims and mosques last year

In Syria's Ghouta, shelters are tombs for the living

Cairo prosecutor orders arrest of TV host for "defaming police"

Hotel hunting: mission impossible in tribal Iraq

"Bittersweet victory" for Moroccan women facing domestic violence

Oscar-nominated gay love film banned in Tunisia

Oscar-nominated gay love film banned in Tunisia

EU-Morocco fishing deal valid as long as not applied to W. Sahara

Egypt's Sisi warns 'defaming' army and police is treason

Tunisian judges and lawyers protest against police 'pressure'

U.S. makes new push for UN Syria chemical weapons probe

Human Rights Watch: 'Big data' predictions spur detentions in China's Xinjiang

Egypt calls for BBC boycott amid dispute over critical report

Algeria breast cancer survivors shunned as 'half-women'

Russian truce plan fails to halt bombing of Syria's Ghouta

Jerusalem′s Church of the Holy Sepulchre closed for second day as priests protest

New law brings hope to abused Tunisian women

'Campaigning' for Egypt's presidential vote underway

Syria's Ghouta reels from strikes despite ceasefire call

Turkey says UN Syria ceasefire won't affect Afrin offensive

Morocco targets media workers after publisher held

Dutch parliament recognises Armenian killings as genocide

U.N. Security Council to vote on Friday on demand for Syria truce

For single Syrian women, search for soulmate comes up empty

Egyptian court sentences 21 to death on terrorism charges

Relax and invest, Saudi prince tells investors after corruption crackdown

Syrian regime pounds rebel enclave and sends fighters to face Turkey

Yemen offensive threatens heritage site, warns International Red Cross

Why the 'deafening silence' among French about anti-Semitism?

300 arrested after Sufis clash with Iran police, killing 5

German 'Islamic State' bride sentenced to 6 years in prison

Syrian Kurdish official: deal for Syrian army to enter Afrin

Netanyahu warns Iran 'not to test Israel's resolve'

New Indonesia web system blocks more than 70,000 "negative" sites

Al-Qaida urges Egyptians to topple government as Egypt preps for vote

Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan hospitalised in France

German-Turkish journalist Yucel released from jail pending trial

Morocco adopts law on violence against women

Saudi religious leader says Muslims can celebrate Valentine's Day

Germany's Turks to file complaint against far-right politician

Prominent Egyptian Islamist critic ordered held for 15 days

Pakistan bans charities linked to founder of militant group

Austria's far-right Freedom Party sets up panel to examine its past

Syria suffering some of worst fighting of war, UN warns

Egypt arrests aide to barred presidential challenger

Former cricket great Imran Khan seeks election glory in Pakistan

Saudi Arabia stages its first mixed theatrical show

Friend or foe? Assad quietly aids Syrian Kurds against Turkey

Bulldozed Rohingya villages deepen fears Myanmar is erasing history

Saudia Arabia to relinquish control of Brussels mosque