In brief

Palestinians prepare mass demonstrations along Gaza border

Vienna spurns far-right politics to offer young migrants an education

Largest convoy yet evacuates Syria's ruined Ghouta

In Egypt's election, turnout provides the only suspense

Tearful Syrians leave rebel enclave in largest evacuation yet

Christians and Muslims come together to mourn victims of France attack

Keeping refugee families apart in the U.S.

Egypt accuses expelled Times reporter of 'breaking law'

Jewish candidate for Muslim party breaks barriers in Tunisia

Schoolgirl who refused to convert to Islam still held by Boko Haram

India police: Punishment of self-styled 'cow protectors' a historic first

Dutch far-right campaign on anti-Islam platform in local elections

Sisi says he wanted more challengers in Egyptian election

Tales of terror echo round African arts extravaganza

For Singapore, religious rehabilitation is a counter-terrorism weapon

Merkel hits back at minister who denied Islam's place in Germany

What next for rebels and civilians in Syria's crumbling Ghouta?

Egypt censors play about run-up to 2011 revolution

Gulf nations throw support to Egypt's Sisi as election nears

With Rohingya gone, Myanmar's ethnic Rakhine seek Muslim-free 'buffer zone'

No room for debate as Egypt's Sisi poised for second term

Israeli court suspends plan to deport thousands of African migrants

Christians, Jews and Muslims unite to push for assault rifle ban

The pain of Syrian refugees

Suicide bombing kills nine in Pakistan's Lahore

Syrian Red Crescent says convoy to enter Douma in besieged Ghouta

Migrant death in Italy points to dire conditions in Libya

Gaza's economic plight requires trade, not just aid

Facing boycott, Qatar focuses on self-reliance in five-year plan

With Pompeo′s rise, uncertainty deepens for Iran nuclear deal

U.S. detecting Taliban interest in Afghan peace talks

Iraqi PM says will lift ban on international flights to Kurdistan Region

Iraqi PM says will lift ban on international flights to Kurdistan Region

White House hosts meeting on Gaza crisis without Palestinians present

Afghan sisters deported from Austria after landmark EU ruling

Indonesia university revokes niqab ban after criticism

SIPRI report: War and conflict fuel arms imports to Middle East and Asia

Harmless nostalgia or worrying nationalism? Germany split over new ministry

Tunisia extends state of emergency as polls approach

UN rights chief denounces "climate of intimidation" in Egypt before vote

Delegation from Syria rebel enclave mulls evacuation deal

Amnesty International: Myanmar army building on razed villages

Turkey orders 186 detained on suspected links to Gulen network

Female police officers help security on Afghan front line

Iraq's Shia militias formally inducted into security forces

Ultra-nationalist Myanmar monk Parmaukkha walks free from prison

German government condemns far-right MPs' Syria visit

Doctors Without Borders reports massive casualties in Eastern Ghouta

Bangladesh Islamic school burns students' mobile phones

Buddhist mobs target Sri Lanka's Muslims despite state of emergency

UN condemns Syria starvation tactics, 'domination' of Eastern Ghouta

Vatican signals its concern over populist rise in Italy elections