In brief

Egypt "won't stand idle" on security threats from Libya

Turkish-German journalist Deniz Yucel sentenced in absentia in terrorism case

Trump visa move tears Indian families apart

Shorter hours, cleaner air? Egypt may extend its COVID-19 evening curfew

Egypt offers reusable face masks in state subsidy scheme

Turkey marks fourth anniversary of failed 2016 coup attempt

Hagia Sophia will open outside prayer time, says Turkey

Pakistan's paedophile castration law triggers rights debate

Malian accused of Timbuktu war crimes refuses to enter plea

Minorities under attack as PM pushes 'tolerant' Pakistan

Tunisia’s Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh resigns

Dozens wounded as Taliban bomb rocks Afghan intel office

Germany says suspected Egyptian spy had no access to sensitive data

Accused NZ mosque shooter to represent himself at sentencing

Bosnia Muslims mourn their dead 25 years after Srebrenica massacre

Indonesia 'dog doctor' rescues canines from pandemic peril

Accusations of serial assault spark new #MeToo wave in Egypt

"Lives will be lost"’ warn aid groups as UN resolution leaves single Syria border crossing open

Barter economy: Lebanese turn to Facebook to swap goods for food

Hagia Sophia the latest Muslim-Christian tussle over holy sites

Sudan allows non-Muslims to drink alcohol and bans female genital mutilation

Iraqi MP dies of COVID-19 as coronavirus cases jump 600%

Lebanon "spiralling out of control": UN rights chief

China and U.S. in new spat over Uighur crackdown

Srebrenica massacre – 25 years on Muslims still face Serb denial

Turkish court rules Hagia Sophia can be turned into a mosque

Fifteen centuries, two faiths and a contested fate for Hagia Sophia

Indonesian politician's anti-virus veil policy draws fire

Russia and China veto UN extension of cross-border aid in Syria

Uighurs urge ICC to probe Chinese "genocide"

Egypt charges student with sex crimes in case that stoked debate

Wedding season brings new virus outbreak in West Bank

Lebanon's Hezbollah talks to government about Iran fuel idea

Israel re-imposes restrictions amid new surge in coronavirus cases

"Trapped" illegal workers in Saudi look to virus for escape

Accident or sabotage? What we know of the deadly explosion at Iran's Natanz nuclear site

Killing of Iraq expert Hisham al-Hashemi stirs fear of new violent phase

Egypt's top court upholds 15-year-sentence for activist Ahmed Douma

Turkey convicts 4 human rights activists of terror charges

Celebrated Egyptian actress Ragaa al-Gedawi dies in coronavirus quarantine hospital

'Falling off a cliff': Lebanon's poor borrow to buy bread

Iran mandates masks as public shrugs off resurgent coronavirus

France returns skulls of Algerians who fought colonisation

More women among Salafist extremists in Germany

Suspected jihadists fire on UN aid copter in Nigeria

Area C, the chunk of the West Bank the Israeli right has long coveted

Saudi Arabia announces haj health measures for domestic pilgrims

Woman jailed for plotting to bomb St Paul's cathedral in London

New Zealand mosque shooter to be sentenced in August

Turkey verdict expected in trial of 11 activists accused of terrorism

Palestinian rivals Fatah and Hamas pledge unity against Israeli annexations

Sudan's bid to ban genital mutilation sparks hope