In brief

Ukraine war having 'deadly' impact on Arab region, says Blinken

Pakistan Imran Khan's future in doubt as coalition ally switches sides

Iraqi MPs try for third time to elect new president

In Israel, shock and fear after attack in central city

Talks on Yemen war start in Saudi, without Houthi rebels

Taliban hard-liners turning back the clock in Afghanistan

Russian tactics in Ukraine 'repeat' of Syria war: Amnesty

Many in Middle East see hypocrisy in Western embrace of Ukraine

Teams from Russia and Ukraine meet for face-to-face talks in Istanbul

Israel-Turkey gas pipeline an option for Russia-wary Europe

Two Israeli police officers killed in attack claimed by Islamic State

Saudi-led coalition air strikes pummel Yemen despite Houthi truce

Abbas slams West's 'double standards' on Ukraine, Palestinians

Taliban ban Afghan women from flying without male relative

Israeli-Arab summit convenes as Blinken seeks to reassure allies on Iran

Arabs denounce 'double standard' of Russia sports bans

Erdogan asks EU to relaunch membership negotiations

Egypt, UAE, Israel discuss economic challenges as Iran looms

Girls' schools in Afghanistan ordered shut just hours after reopening

Palestinians in Gaza give up studies for Israeli wages

Lebanese judge charges central bank governor with illicit enrichment

Egypt devalues currency 14% after Ukraine war prompts dollar flight

Second superyacht linked to Russian oligarch Abramovich docks in Turkey

Biden calls India "shaky" in Russia confrontation

Iran nuclear talks: U.S. says it is ready to make 'difficult decisions'

Pakistan's Khan to trumpet Islamic credentials as home fires burn

Nowruz celebrations officially halted by Taliban in Afghanistan

Zaghari-Ratcliffe and fellow British-Iranian Anoosheh Ashouri freed to return to UK

Hindu hardliners seek wider India ban on hijab in class after court verdict

UK: Talks underway for Zaghari-Ratcliffe's release by Iran

Ukraine war recalls trauma for survivors of Aleppo siege

India: Court upholds controversial hijab ban in Karnataka

Saudi Arabia confirms 10-year travel ban for freed blogger Raif Badawi

As Ukraine war rages, Israel grapples with fate of oligarchs

Iran says missiles targeted "Israeli site" in Iraq's Erbil

Saudi Arabia puts 81 to death in its largest mass execution

Tunisian questionnaire on constitution is met with a nationwide shrug

Freedom's choice for Afghans: Over the wall or through the desert

Israel's president heads to Turkey in bid to rebuild ties

In fractured Bosnia, Croats call for change

Ukraine war highlights internal divides in Middle East nations

Iran says Russian demand at nuclear talks "not constructive"

Mentally-ill Guantanamo detainee repatriated to Saudi Arabia

French election: Le Pen’s niece joins forces with far-right rival Zemmour

"Nightmare" of underage marriage for Moroccan girls

Lacking other options, UN Security Council takes watchdog role in Ukraine war

Iran's leader says Ukraine is "victim" of U.S. policy

Foreign students stuck at Ukraine border complain of racism

Europe welcomes Ukrainian refugees – others, less so

Arab students stranded in Ukraine desperate to go home

Taliban ban Afghans from evacuating amid massive security sweep

Turkey recognises Russia-Ukraine "war", may block warships