In brief

Gaza's health system days from being overwhelmed by coronavirus

Biden aide Blinken voices concern about rights group in Egypt

UN warns that Yemen is in imminent danger of world's 'worst famine' in decades

‘A race against time’: Sudan struggles with refugee influx from Ethiopia’s Tigray region

G20 leaders pledge fair global distribution of coronavirus vaccine

World must not turn away from Afghanistan, says UN

German government suspends funding for Islamic Relief aid organisation

Jordan to open consulate in Western Sahara amid dispute

Egypt arrests executive director of prominent rights group in latest crackdown

France's Macron issues 'republican values' ultimatum to Muslim leaders

Fearing Turkish role, France wants international supervision in Nagorno-Karabakh

US Secretary of State Pompeo visits Jewish settlement in West Bank

Palestinian Authority says restoring Israel coordination

Pakistani Islamists end anti-France protest after government talks

Putin defends Karabakh deal after France criticism

NFL player looks to shed light on Palestinians' plight

U.S. to slash troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan

Iran says any U.S. move against it would face 'crushing' response

Tunisia and Qatar propose 'Western-Islamic' conference

Libya talks pause without naming transitional government

Azerbaijan extends Armenian pullout deadline from Kalbajar

Egypt arrests office manager of leading rights group

Transgender people to gain inheritance rights in Bangladesh

Palestinians torn as Israel seeks Gulf tourists in Jerusalem

Pakistani Islamists demand government expel French ambassador

Ravaged by civil war, Syria marks half a century of Assad rule

Israel criticized over West Bank home demolitions

Suu Kyi's party pledges unity government in Myanmar after election "landslide"

Iraq shuts last 'safe haven' camps for vulnerable families

Bangladeshi star's comeback after Islamist death threats

Belgium arrests Danish activists plotting Koran burning

Man sets himself on fire in Cairo's Tahrir Square

Islamic State claims responsibility for Jeddah attack

Saudi prince vows 'iron fist' against extremists after attacks

In Iran, a massive cemetery struggles to keep up with coronavirus

Killing of Libyan dissident Hanan al-Barassi underscores stakes in peace talks

Turkey's President Erdogan congratulates Biden on his win

Uprooted by war, Syrians settle on ruins of Roman temple

Frantic search after medicines vanish from Lebanon shelves

Russian peacekeepers head to Nagorno-Karabakh after peace deal

EU weighs tighter borders in jihadist fight

Saeb Erekat, veteran Palestinian negotiator, dies aged 65

UAE scraps 'honour' defence in sweeping legal overhaul

Iran's Rouhani says Biden win a chance for U.S. to "compensate for mistakes"

EU extends sanctions framework on Turkey

Damascus fair offers hope for exports-starved Aleppo artisans

Erdogan's son-in-law resigns as finance minister: Instagram post

French foreign minister Le Drian, in Cairo, affirms respect for Islam in dispute over cartoons

Tensions with France trigger worries in Maghreb countries

Trump's worried Arab allies shift sights to victorious Biden

Assad blames Lebanon's crisis for Syria's economic woes

Eight detained after Vienna attack had previous convictions