In brief

Over 100 migrants land on British base in Cyprus

Pakistani religious body says full-face veil «not mandatory»

Anti-Muslim Dutch MP shouted down by protesters in Perth

Ten EU and Balkan leaders to hold emergency migration talks on Sunday

Iran returns Saudi accusations of cross-border meddling

Amnesty urges governments to avoid repeat of Rohingya crisis

A year on, Germany's PEGIDA radicalised by refugee influx

Indian ruling party official urges Muslims to give up eating beef

Peace Prize goes to Islam scholar Navid Kermani

Spanish women knit blankets of love for Syria's displaced

Pakistan court grants rare bail to blasphemy accused

EU and Turkey strike migrant deal as Afghan shot dead

Malaysia arrests man for hacking US security data to supply targets for Islamic State

Refugee influx to shake up Germany's Muslim community

Injured Syrian child refugee: #findazam campaign

Egypt's last Islamists standing offer "polite" opposition

Hostages appeal in video for halt to Philippine military operations

Egyptian court releases two Mubarak sons from prison

Britain takes star baker in a headscarf to its heart

Bomb attack deepens divisions as Turkey faces bitter election

Saudi summons Czech envoy over "Satanic Verses"

Judge okays Muslim film ads rejected by New York subway agency

Muslim groups sue Myanmar president, alleging Rohingya ″genocide″

Tunisian national dialogue mediators win Nobel Peace Prize

Australian mosque leader tells violent Muslims to leave country

Asylum seeker rues years of limbo in UK system

Cairo University bans teachers from wearing face veil

Saudi clerics slam 'Western-Russian' Syria alliance

In Muslim speed dating, Malaysians seek matches made in heaven

Experts predict growth of Islamic halal economy

FAZ Sunday edition report: EU and Turkey strike plan to stem flow of migrants

Two suspected lesbians in Indonesia to undergo rehabilitation

Erdogan's ″anti-terrorism″ rally in France draws thousands

Cyprus' top Muslim cleric sends message of peace

Saudi Arabia avoids UN scrutiny of Yemen air attacks

Bangladesh expat bloggers threatened by al-Qaida-linked terror group

″1,001 Titanics″ stages refugee woes on high seas

Signs of increasing suicides in devastated Gaza

Indonesia prays for Islamic banking boom

Gaza's power crisis reaches new heights

World has "lost humanity" on Syria: Malala

Russian Putin opens Moscow's largest mosque, warns against extremists

Russian "visitors" receive warm welcome in coastal Syria

Iran holds anti-Saudi protest over hajj stampede deaths

Ex-fighter's calls for Algeria Islamist party stir ghosts of past

Nigeria bullish on Boko Haram but fear of attack lingers

Muslim Americans welcome first NY Eid school holiday

Swedish non-profit initiative Refugee Air to airlift Syrian refugees to safety in the EU

IS defectors disillusioned with killing Muslims: a study

Iraqis buy life jackets for trip to Europe's distant shores

For refugees in Australia, resettlement first step in road

Kerry says US to take in 85,000 refugees in 2016, rising to 100,000 in 2017