In brief

Algeria's president dissolves parliament, calls for early elections

NATO to expand Iraq mission to around 4,000 personnel

U.S. says it is ready to join talks with Iran and Europe to restore nuclear deal

Dubai princess Latifa says fears for life as held "hostage"

"We just want to play": Iran gamers battle reality of U.S. sanctions

From conflict to co-working, Libyan youths share space

Hamas condemns Israel for blocking COVID-19 vaccines to Gaza

Libya marks 10 years since overthrow of Gaddafi

French MPs approve bill to combat Islamist extremism

Biden plans to ‘recalibrate’ relations with Saudi Arabia and downgrade MBS

Pakistan lab expects Sputnik V doses for commercial sale in a week

Fire 'catastrophe' destroys hundreds of fuel tankers on Afghanistan-Iran border

France's female dervish takes transcendence online

Red Sea coral reefs "under threat" from Israel-UAE oil deal

Lebanon starts COVID-19 vaccination campaign

Macron meets G5 Sahel leaders amid questions over France’s strategy

Dozens killed as Houthi rebels target last government stronghold in Yemen

UN: Bring home kids from Syria with possible extremist links

China bans BBC World News in row over Xinjiang reporting

Three wounded as hundreds of thousands of protesters defy Myanmar junta

Pakistan's 'Charlie Chaplin' bringing laughs to frontier city

Palestinians hope vote boosts diplomatic strength

Prominent Saudi activist Loujain al-Hathloul freed from jail after nearly 3 years

Yemen's Houthi rebels launch attack on civilian plane in Saudi Arabia

Sudan businessman defends interfaith event addressed by rabbi

Saudi Arabia could release women’s rights activist this week

Twenty-six Afghans deported from Germany arrive in Kabul

Myanmar protests resume, West condemns security response

Dying breed: Tunisian crafts smoking pipes from briar wood

Oil-rich Libya in poverty after 10 years of conflict

UN Security Council fails to agree on joint Syria declaration

Turkish student protests feed anti-Erdogan anger

Israel's Netanyahu returns to court as graft trial ramps up

India's Modi urges farmers to end protests over agriculture laws

Mid-pandemic, Lebanon medicine shortages sow panic

Iran nuclear deal: Biden says U.S. will not unilaterally lift sanctions

Massive crowds protest again in Myanmar against coup

Fourteen dead, 170 missing after Indian glacier breaks off

At anti-Netanyahu protests in Israel, pink is the new black

Turkey jails four pending trial over university protests

Indonesia bans mandatory Islamic 'hijab' scarves for schoolgirls

Al-Qaida's leader in Yemen under arrest

Afghanistan's brightest look for a way out as murders rise

"This war has to end": Biden pulls U.S. support for Saudi-led offensive in Yemen

Egypt frees Al Jazeera journalist Mahmoud Hussein after 4 years jail

Lokman Slim, prominent Hezbollah critic, shot dead in south Lebanon

Lawmakers debate bill to rout out radical Islam in France

Rights groups call for boycott of Beijing 2022 Winter Games

Most of detained university protestors released in Istanbul

COVID denies Gaza cancer patients essential care

UN court to rule on role in Iran-U.S. sanctions case

Disfigured by acid, the face of violence against Yemen's women