In brief

Scholz addresses Khashoggi murder in talks with Saudi's crown prince

Police clash with protestors outside Iranian embassies in London and Paris

Death toll of migrants off Syrian coast has risen to more than 50

Turkey: Anti-LGBTQ display reflects nation's political shift

Facebook violated rights of Palestinian users, report finds

Israel’s Lapid calls for two-state solution at UN

Protests in Iran over Mahsa Amini's death 'turn deadly'

World Cup fans want FIFA to compensate Qatar's migrant workers

Anti-terror probe of Tunisia opposition chief Rachid Ghannouchi delayed

Lebanese depositors storm banks amid historic economic crisis

Jordan steps up curbs on political dissent, Human Rights Watch says

Fury grows in Iran over woman who died after hijab arrest

Egypt orders release of 46 detainees in latest pardons

Extreme hunger more than doubles in world's climate hotspots, says Oxfam

Tunisian president issues new electoral law reducing parties' influence

Away game: Qatar World Cup looms as money-spinner for Dubai

Taliban reject UN report, say no women fired from govt jobs

Pope critical of Russian patriarch: "God does not back war!"

U.S. urges Armenia and Azerbaijan to cease hostilities and show restraint

Man arrested after claiming Mecca pilgrimage for Queen Elizabeth II

Syria cholera outbreak at risk of spreading: WHO

Pope arrives in Kazakhstan for interfaith summit

Afghan girls protest school closure in eastern city

Egypt environment groups in 'fear' ahead of COP27: HRW

How cleric Ali Al-Sistani silently halted Iraq's slide back into war

Germany and Israel mark 50 years since Munich Olympics massacre

Trial opens in France over 2016 Nice Bastille Day truck massacre

Pregnant women caught in Pakistan floods desperate for aid

Taliban celebrate anniversary of foreign troop withdrawal

Welcome: Palestinians with disabilities out front at Bethlehem hotel

Deadly violence: Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr quits Iraqi politics

Virtual reality revives Iraq's war-ravaged heritage

Massive relief effort under way in Pakistan as flood death toll mounts

Macron concludes Algeria visit with new pact

Tripoli residents 'pick up the pieces' after deadly clashes in Libya

Germany and Morocco agree to resume ties, ending West Sahara row

Sri Lanka widens import ban as economic crisis persists

Hookah ban leaves Malians divided

More damaged grain silos collapse at Beirut port

UN Security Council members split over ban on Taliban officials' travel

Hopes of finding survivors dwindle after landslide at Iraqi shrine

UAE ambassador to return to Iran after six-year absence

Morocco's King Mohammed VI calls for 'unequivocal' support over Western Sahara issue

Police file terrorism charges against Pakistan's Imran Khan

Indonesia celebrates first independence day at future capital

Turkey and Israel to restore full diplomatic ties

Deadly blast hits Kabul mosque packed with worshippers, including children

UN's Guterres and Turkey's Erdogan to meet Zelensky in Ukraine

Forced labour and possible 'enslavement' in China's Xinjiang

Jihadists spread from the Sahel to coastal West Africa

Rohingya refugees in India's capital to be given flats and protection

Abbas sparks outrage with Holocaust accusation against Israel