In brief

UN urges for immediate release of Baha'i prisoners in Yemen

Covid-19: 'If there was a severe outbreak in Syria, there would be a bloodbath'

UN chief warns that coronavirus poses a risk to human rights

Ramadan begins amid unprecedented lockdowns and mosque closures

Iran summons Swiss ambassador amid warnings it will destroy U.S. warships

Turkish mosque turned into temporary 'supermarket'

Pakistan lifts limit on mosque congregations as Ramadan approaches

Hundreds of Tunisians blocked by coronavirus in Libya cross border

Moroccan prison becomes coronavirus hotspot

Israeli NGO re-submits petition to stop Netanyahu forming government

Despite coronavirus fears, Indonesia's Aceh holds public floggings

India's migrant workers fall through cracks in coronavirus lockdown

Bangladesh threatens legal action as thousands of garment workers go unpaid

In role reversal, Egypt sends coronavirus aid to U.S.

Algeria targets online media

Coronavirus wipes away Afghan toilet-paper maker's expansion plans

In Germany, Syrians take their torturers to court

Covid-19, jihadist threats and kidnapping fail to stop Mali vote

Bangladesh shuts down villages after tens of thousands attend cleric's funeral

Jerusalem Al-Aqsa muezzin echoes 500 years of family tradition

In shadow of coronavirus, Muslims face a Ramadan like never before

Khashoggi fallout: Turkey blocks Saudi and UAE news websites

Middle East braces for bleak Ramadan as coronavirus threat lingers

Syria's divisions damage efforts to mobilise against coronavirus

Trump halts World Health Organization funding amid coronavirus pandemic

Virus choking off supply of what Africa needs most: food

Germany arrests 4 IS suspects planning attack on U.S. bases

What you need to know about the coronavirus right now

India, Pakistan seek to lift some curbs to help millions hit by coronavirus lockdowns

Iraq suspends Reuters for three months over coronavirus report

Doctors worry as populous Indian state struggles with coronavirus tests

Love in the time of coronavirus: UAE launches online wedding service

Sri Lanka makes cremations compulsory for virus deaths, angering Muslims

"Starving" Bangladesh garment workers protest for pay during lockdown

Many Muslims in Pakistan flout the coronavirus ban in mosques

Archaeologists discover ancient treasures in Iraq site blown up by IS

Gaza resumes coronavirus testing amid shortages

Turkey to release thousands of prisoners over coronavirus

Turkey bans citizens from leaving home for 48 hours

Bangladesh extends coronavirus lockdown, India's Modi mulls longer restrictions

Pakistan's Christians face Easter vulnerable and jobless

Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh extend restrictions to fight Corona

Corona in the Middle East: Yemen has 1st confirmed virus case

Hamas arrests activists following online conference with Israelis

Saudi officials announce Yemen cease-fire amid pandemic

Gaza runs out of coronavirus tests, Palestinian health officials say

Bangladesh locks down Rohingya refugees' district amid pandemic

India identifies and seals coronavirus hot spots

Afghan government frees 100 Taliban prisoners as part of peace process

Turkey to track citizens via mobile phones to enforce quarantines

Israel seeks immediate resumption of talks on citizens held in Gaza

Taliban recalls negotiators after suspending prisoner exchange talks