In brief

Turkey withdraws child sex bill after protests

Senior religious figure reported killed in Libya

German court acquits 'sharia police' members

Tokyo holds its first fashion show for Muslim women

Britain says case of detained aid worker in Iran an "utmost priority"

Hundreds of protesters in Morocco demand 'dignity'

Italy to push Iran trade ties, undaunted by Trump

Turkey fires 15,000, shuts 375 NGOs in latest coup purge

Israel accuses Iran of sending Hezbollah arms on commercial flights

Prayers return to Iraqi monastery ravaged by IS

Obama 'not optimistic' on Syria as Aleppo pummelled

Israel's bid to quiet mosque calls to prayer may be revived

Fury in Iraq after Saudi paper warns of pregnancies at Shia rites

Kerry welcomes Yemen ceasefire as possible step to peace

Controversy on campus as Erdogan handpicks Turkey rectors

Angela Merkel to seek fourth term to defend threatened 'values'

Canada in reversal funds UN assistance for Palestinians

In Israel, famed pre-WWII ship survivors relate to refugees

UN investigator says Australia responsible for children suffering in detention

Iraqi forces struggle to tell friend from foe in Mosul

U.S. and Iran clash over Tehran's testing of limit in nuclear deal

Germany sees surging asylum applications from Turkey

Seeking halal contraception in Kenya's Muslim northeast

France's presidential hopefuls Juppe and Sarkozy say no to Turkey in EU

Turkey seeks detention of 103 university academics in Gulen-related probe – NTV

Sisi pardons 82 jailed 'youths'

Yemen clashes rage despite US call for truce

Abuse victims confront Tunisia's demons

German domestic spy chief rejects Turkey's allegation it harbours PKK militants

BBC cancels Morocco debate on Islam and politics

Iran resort hopes relaxed rules will attract tourists

Egypt parliament approves contentious NGO draft bill

Turkey appoints PM advisor as ambassador to Israel: Erdogan

Trump govt needs $1 bn effort to fight extremism: experts

Jakarta governor named suspect in blasphemy case

Mauritanians protest in favour of 'infidel' blogger execution

Egypt mourns 'The Magician' star Mahmoud Abdel Aziz

Global protesters demand climate justice at UN talk

Jihadists say Trump victory a rallying call for new recruits

Nimrud recaptured by Iraqi forces

Tensions flare as Turkey heads to vote on new Erdogan powers

Trump vows to immediately deport up to three million immigrants

UN: Islamic State executes scores, stockpiles chemicals

Jakarta governor slips in polls after hardline Islamist protest

Egypt freezes assets of anti-torture NGO

Paris refugee shelter opens to take migrants off street

Muslim students targeted in California campus attacks

Minnesota picks first Somali American lawmaker

Six dead after attack on German consulate in Afghanistan

Shelter lends helping paw to animal victims of Syria war

Battle for IS-held Mosul nears ancient site

″I'm very afraid″: Muslim shock as Trump clinches victory