In brief

Sculpture resembling cross demolished in Saudi Arabia

Israel vows not to negotiate with Palestinian hunger strikers

Muslim youth guard churches in Jordan as Easter celebrated

"We want to learn": Iraqi girls back at school after years under Islamic State

Jakarta election exposes deep political, religious divide

Syrian Islamist groups congratulate Erdogan on referendum victory

Trump congratulates Erdogan after contentious win

Erdogan slams criticism of disputed Turkey poll

Hard-line Hindu youth call the shots on streets of northern India

Arrests highlight Pakistan's struggle with extremism

British MPs call for Assad's wife to lose citizenship

Erdogan celebrates referendum win, rivals urge recount

EU-Turkey ties hang in referendum balance

Arab music's alternative ambassadors find fans and bans

Stockholm attack puts a choke-hold on Swedish tolerance

Divided nationalists hold key for Erdogan in Turkey vote

Iranian president hints at efforts to rebuild ties with Saudi Arabia

50 years after war, settlements blur future borders

Russia's vetoes of UN resolutions on Syria

Iran's Ahmadinejad registers to run for president

No turning Erdogan, regardless of the upcoming referendum

UN chief urges new bid to end Western Sahara dispute

More Algerian women work, but husbands control wages

Tunisia tightens restrictions on journalists; press freedom at risk claims union

Kidnapping, forced marriage: Pakistan's Hindu women hope for protection in new law

In Indonesia, pious "punks" promote Islam

New UN peace messenger Malala will promote girls' education

Unfettered online hate speech fuels Islamophobia in China

In the Trump era, one U.S. Muslim investor tries a louder voice

Circus arts help Syrian children make new life

Turks in Germany conclude voting in referendum at home

Sadr becomes first Iraqi Shia leader to urge Assad to step down

State of emergency in Egypt after IS church bombings kill 44

Iraqi town still suffering 5 months after IS was run out

Wilders to field candidates in Dutch municipal elections

Syrian refugees give up on West to settle in Egypt

Iran's 1st international marathon begins – with no Americans

Christians hope for an 'open Jerusalem' for Easter

New Armenian temple is beacon of hope for Yazidis

Tunisia gives British call-to-prayer DJ year in jail

Somali president shakes up security agencies and urges militants' surrender

100,000 Bangladesh Muslim clerics rally against extremism

Trump's Syria strike came with a message and risks

Girls help preserve Kashmir's Sufi music traditions

EU-hosted Syria conference to shine spotlight on reconstruction

Jordan king to present Arabs' view on peace at the White House

Outcry in Sweden as Muslim school segregates boys and girls

Indian clinic treats Bangladeshis seeking mercy deaths

Iraq reopens hot springs spa amid Mosul war chaos

Russian metro bombing puts Putin's Syria policy to the test

Pope to meet with UK imams in bid to promote moderate Islam

Global outcry over suspected Syria chemical attack