In brief

First mass in two years held in Iraq's main Christian town

Yazidi women survivors of 'Islamic State' win EU's Sakharov human rights prize

Turkey says gives U.S. new documents on Gulen extradition request

In Germany, Syrians find mosques too conservative

Russia denies role in bloody strike on Syria school

Yemen's Houthis launch missile toward Saudi holy city

Rape of Rohingya women amid crackdown on militants

Severe malnutrition in Yemen

Russia says it extends moratorium on Aleppo airstrikes

Gambia to withdraw from International Criminal Court

U.S. airstrikes spike as Afghans struggle against Taliban and Islamic State

Amnesty says U.S. coalition underestimated impact on civilians in Syria

Coalition huddles as forces inch towards Mosul

Former Qatari Emir dies aged 84

Battle for Aleppo intensifies after ceasefire ends

Pakistan′s plan to cut disaster risk focuses on schools

Modi sees election danger in India′s ′Dalit Queen′

D-Day for Calais 'Jungle' camp clearance

Iraqi forces press Mosul assault

Indonesia jails 'IS' bomb maker for 10 years

Russia agrees to extend 'humanitarian pause' in Aleppo until Saturday

Trump is (mostly) wrong on Mosul

Saving the hearts of Syrian refugee babies in Lebanon

Putin rejects "political rhetoric" over Syria as strikes hit Aleppo

Indian Muslims say Modi's legal reforms divisive

France's Hollande admits 'problem with Islam'

German authorities under fire over bomb plot suspect suicide

Iraqi forces deploy to guard huge Shia pilgrimage

Iran players say hijab no reason for world chess boycott

Germany: Syrians who tied up bomb suspect hailed as heroes

Denmark unveils new anti-radicalisation measures

Iran football fans banned from celebrating on holy day

US top court to consider post-9/11 detentions of immigrants

Arab coalition to probe Yemen funeral carnage

As Saudis bombed Yemen, U.S. worried about legal blowback

Germany's Merkel, on first leg of Africa trip, pledges help for Mali

Major Australian party leaders reaffirm racial tolerance

Islamists beat liberals in Morocco elections

German journalist calls Islam "totalitarian movement" in AfD debut

Clinton vows to investigate Russia for war crimes in Syria

Syrian conflict is a war on many fronts

German minister says plight of stranded Syrians 'a scandal'

Pence says Trump has shifted away from complete Muslim ban

Egyptian parliament to quiz lawmaker over virginity tests comment

Iraq requests U.N. emergency meeting on Turkish troops in north

Cheques for Bangladesh militants for return to normal life

Norway seeks ban on burkas in the classroom

UKIP leader James quits after only 18 days in charge

Turkey suspends 12,800 police, shuts TV channel

Saudi Arabia turns to Gregorian calendar to shore up finances

Turkey warns Mosul operation could create a million refugees

Yemen rebels form rival government