In brief

Trump govt needs $1 bn effort to fight extremism: experts

Jakarta governor named suspect in blasphemy case

Mauritanians protest in favour of 'infidel' blogger execution

Egypt mourns 'The Magician' star Mahmoud Abdel Aziz

Global protesters demand climate justice at UN talk

Jihadists say Trump victory a rallying call for new recruits

Nimrud recaptured by Iraqi forces

Tensions flare as Turkey heads to vote on new Erdogan powers

Trump vows to immediately deport up to three million immigrants

UN: Islamic State executes scores, stockpiles chemicals

Jakarta governor slips in polls after hardline Islamist protest

Egypt freezes assets of anti-torture NGO

Paris refugee shelter opens to take migrants off street

Muslim students targeted in California campus attacks

Minnesota picks first Somali American lawmaker

Six dead after attack on German consulate in Afghanistan

Shelter lends helping paw to animal victims of Syria war

Battle for IS-held Mosul nears ancient site

″I'm very afraid″: Muslim shock as Trump clinches victory

Exiled Turkish journalist working on new venture from abroad

European condemnation of Turkish crackdown comes too late, says Can Dundar

French Muslims must try harder, says Islam foundation head

'Tombs of saints' inspire and divide in northern Nigeria

Surprise and euphoria at Trump headquarters in NY

German talkshow under fire over ″propaganda″ by niqab-wearing guest

Kurdish militant group claims deadly Turkey attack

Experts claim Saudi Arabia and Iran stoking Sunni-Shia tensions in Nigeria

One year on: Belgium's Molenbeek struggles with jihadist tag

Climate talks in Morocco to nail down Paris agreement details

Turkey pro-Kurd party quits parliament over arrests

Indonesia's leader postpones Australia trip after protests

French presidential hopefuls: UK must manage asylum seekers on its own soil

French authorities begin clearing Paris migrant tent camp

Iran's supreme leader criticises US presidential candidates

Egypt increases fuel prices after devaluation

Iraqis move on Mosul as IS chief defiant

Russia-announced ceasefire to start in Syria's Aleppo

Turkey detains 11 pro-Kurdish MPs

Turkey's Erdogan accuses Germany of "harbouring terrorists"

Life in Syria's Douma revolves around rhythm of bombs

Aid workers brace for the worst as Mosul battle intensifies

Islamic bloc says chief quits after mocking Egypt president

British Olympic gymnast gets two-month ban for "mocking" Islam

Cape Town's gay mosque provides rare haven

Hindu temples attacked in Bangladesh over Facebook post

White? Black? Other? Arab-Americans face census dilemma

Rouhani warns of "terrorist regimes" during talks with EU's Mogherini

Turkey detains Diyarbakir mayors on "terrorism" links

Tunisia looks to branch out into wine tourism

Yemen rebels say UN peace plan 'basis for discussion'

UN envoy 'appalled' by Syrian rebel fire in Aleppo

Egypt bans TV interview with corruption whistle-blower