In brief

Murree with a curry: Pakistan alcohol booms

Mecca chief in Iran swipe over Islam divide

UN pleads for Syria aid access after truce extended

Ravaged by conflict, Yemen's coast faces rising malnutrition

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The many faces of hajj

Muslims in Philippine city ordered to show their faces

Australia's Hanson targets Muslims in Senate speech

UN says it delivered no aid on day one of Syria truce

NY police seek man who tried to set Muslim woman ablaze

Burkini row has divided the French people

Syria truce brings "significant drop" in fighting

All-seeing "eye" watches over Mecca pilgrims

Indonesian clerics issue fatwa against forest fires

Iranians flock to Iraq's Karbala for holy plan B

Saudi launches Persian hajj TV after tensions with Iran

Islamist preacher emerges as surprise Morocco candidate

Syria truce to begin after bloody weekend

Young hajjis transform Mecca pilgrimage

Kerry in Geneva to push Russia on Syria ceasefire

Kofi Annan urges cross-border co-operation to solve Rohingya conflict

Obama nominates Muslim American for federal bench

Muslims crowd Mecca ahead of hajj

Norway hairdresser on trial for refusing client in hijab

Hollande warns against sacrificing rights to anti-terror fight

US and Russia fail to reach Syria deal

Poll shows British public heavily in favour of burka ban

Merkel's party falls behind right-wing AfD in her home state

German Jewish leader calls populist AfD rise "frightening"

Britain urged to take in 400 children from Calais camp

Australia to widen scope of targets in IS air war

German official calls for U.N. sanctions against Syria

Pakistan asks UK to take legal action against ethnic party leader

UN hails suspension of France's burkini ban, slams "stigmatisation"

Philippines' Duterte to meet fugitive Muslim rebel

Pakistani team develops menstrual game app to break taboos

After Turkish offensive, Syrian town starts erasing legacy of Islamic State

Tunisia "road terrorism" sees traffic deaths rise

UN aid to Syria shoring up Assad regime

France seeks new chapter in Muslim relations

Turkish Syrian operation forces US to make hard choice

106 Afghan students detained in Pakistan madrassa raid

UN document says Morocco violated Western Sahara ceasefire

Anti-burkini law would be "unconstitutional"

In Egypt, ecstatic pilgrims start journey to Mecca

Merkel says EU nations must not to refuse Muslim migrants

France's top court suspends burkini ban

Pakistani court orders UK woman's suspected killers jailed

Indonesian church attacker "obsessed" with Islamic State leader

Philippine Muslim extremists stage mass jailbreak

UK Birmingham council ″endorsed Muslim sectarianism″ against Ahmadis

Muslim refugee thrown off integration programme in Germany for wearing headscarf