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Head of powerful Muslim order in Senegal dies

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Judgement day for Trump's revamped travel ban

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Polls open in Dutch election that is barometer of populism

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Indonesian Buddhists caned under Sharia for first time

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UN documents human rights violations in southeast Turkey

Pakistan census: A third sex, nine languages, many faiths

Syria's long-suffering children bear the brunt of war and despair

Libya's deepening split finds battleground at oil terminals

Insiders aided Kabul hospital attack, survivors say

Dutch premier urges Turkish foreign minister to stay away

Dutch left-wing election rally draws thousands

Security official claims Xinjiang separatists are China's "most prominent" challenge

Fewer migrants and a burka ban: Germany's AfD releases manifesto

Pakistan police investigate allegations of blasphemy

Putin urges Netanyahu to focus on present Iran ties

U.S. programme for Afghan translators in jeopardy

Libya's eastern parliament quits UN peace deal with Tripoli

Indonesia court jails sect leaders

Turkish minister accuses Germany of political pressure on Turks

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U.N. envoy for Western Sahara offers resignation

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Bali won't cover up statues for Saudi king

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Saudi Arabia denies transgender women killed by police

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Erdogan jibes at "Nazi" Germany serve his drive for new powers

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