In brief

Danish town makes pork mandatory in public institutions

Italy sets up council for relations with Muslims

UK website targets parents who fear children may join IS

Amnesty says Kurds conducting campaign to uproot Arabs in north Iraq

Moroccan photographer Leila Alaoui dies of injuries following Ouagadougou attack

Professor who said Muslims and Christians worship the same God likely to be fired

US Scout troop balances Muslim faith with American values

Nigerian military under scrutiny after Shia group clashes

British PM attacks isolation of Muslim women

Hair today? Gambia lifts headscarf edict

Abuse and sexual harassment of asylum seeker children on Nauru claims former teacher

Anti-Muslim campaigning feeds extremist propaganda

Islamic extremists attack African Union base in Somalia

Indonesia on alert as police probe attacks

Canada resettles 10,000 Syrian refugees

German ministers propose easing deportations of foreign convicts

Merkel condemns ″murderous″ Istanbul attack as 8 German citizens die

Evacuation talks under way for besieged Syria town

Saudi Arabia not seeking escalation

Syria rebels say "international pressure" will prolong crisis

Indonesia's Muslim women hail female-only motorbike taxis

Charlie Hebdo's anti-God cover is unfair, says Vatican paper

Indonesia turns to China as ethnic Uighurs join would-be jihadists

Bangladesh upholds death sentence for top Islamist leader

Islamic State threatens to destroy Saudi prisons after executions

One dead as Saudi police attacked in executed cleric's hometown

U.S. urges diplomatic engagement and calm after Saudi Arabia cuts Iran ties

IS threatens Britain in new executions video

200 protest in Istanbul over curfews in mainly Kurdish areas

Syrian rebel group backs Saudi move to cut ties with Iran

Case-by-case reviews return for all refugees to Germany

Al-Shabab claims responsibility for suicide bombing in popular Mogadishu restaurant

Saudi-led coalition ends Yemen truce

Iraq's top Shia cleric Sistani condemns Nimr execution as "unjust aggression"

Iran's Rouhani says it's up to Muslims to correct Islam's image

Pakistan Taliban reject Islamic State leader's claim to be ″caliph″

Tourism in Christ's birthplace down ahead of Christmas

Extremist leader wants ban on "vampire" Christmas celebrations in Israel

Christmas biscuit bake-in with Muslim refugees in Dresden

Some heed Pope Francis's call to succour refugees while others look away

Arab League backs UN plan to end Syria war

Qatar's channel to militants possibly dangerous, possibly useful

Pakistan confused at inclusion in Saudi-led anti-terrorism coalition

Jailed Saudi blogger honoured with top EU rights prize

Smuggled Syria photos ″damning evidence″ of crimes against humanity: HRW

Saudi Arabia forms Islamic military coalition

US plumber sues after truck shown with Syria militants

Indonesia confronts extremists with own brand of Islam

Malala condemns Trump's ″ideology of hatred″

On rainy Scottish isle, Syrians struggle to adapt

Australian teenager pleads guilty to a ″terrorism″ charge

Music video lambasts recruitment of Palestinians to Israel's army