In brief

Migrants ask EU court to overturn Turkey deal

Bangladesh Sufis defy attacks to hold mass gathering

Protests in Turkey against lifting of lawmakers' immunity

France steps gingerly into Israel-Palestinian peace void

Myanmar's hardline monks regroup after political change

Nigeria's top Islamic body condemns mob killing of Christian woman

Islamist party condemns Tunisia ban on congress

In Louisville, Ali seen as face of 'real Islam'

Muslim holy month of Ramadan starts Monday in the Gulf

American Muslim girl picks university that will allow hijab

Nations that recognise the Armenian 'genocide'

Cricketer Tahir says Ramadan won't put him in a spin

Arab Israeli Salafists take aim at sport and culture

EU's top lawyer backs work headscarf ban

Italy repatriates two Moroccans suspected of Islamist sympathies

Pope meets orphaned refugees

Denmark moves to rein in 'hate preachers'

Chief of W. Sahara Polisario independence group dead

Iran says its pilgrims will not attend hajj in Saudi Arabia

British Muslim women face 'double bind' of gender and religious discrimination, report warns

Bosnia's 'radical' Muslims defy crackdown

Iran arrests eight for producing 'obscene' music videos

German Protestant bishop wants Islam classes in all state schools

Muslims in Turkey demand right to pray at Hagia Sophia

Britain launches review into Sharia courts

Pope prays to 'convert hearts' of IS jihadists

Tight security as Jewish pilgrimage starts in Tunisia

IS attacks undermine Iraqi state in war weary capital

Syrian Kurds open 'mission' in Paris

Afghanistan's Taliban: leaderless but still a potent threat

Hardliner elected head of key Iran oversight body

Experts say divisive politician could win Australian seat

After migrants, German nationalist party takes aim at Islam

Pope and top imam embrace in historic Vatican meeting

Merkel concerned about Turkish policies against the Kurds

Cameron 'very happy' to meet Trump

Azhar imam to urge tolerance in historic meeting with the Pope

For Allah, China and Marx: theological mix for young imams

Miro's grandson to auction paintings to help refugees

Arsenal's Mesut Ozil visits Syrian refugee camp

Largest US Muslim centre targets spike in Islamophobia

Are martial arts clubs adding punch to the jihadist cause?

Little headway as Afghan peace effort seeks way to involve Taliban

For Syrians in Lebanon, no resting place in life or death

French PM says 'no theory can be ruled out' on missing EgyptAir flight

Australian minister under fire for 'illiterate' refugees comment

Amnesty accuses Yemen rebels of 'brutal' campaign against foes

Jordanian preacher freed in incitement case

Boko Haram likely to increase co-operation if Islamic State boosts Libya presence

Seeking a miracle on Pakistan's Koran mountain

German court orders beer hall to host anti-immigrant party event

Paris Middle East conference scheduled for 30 May postponed