In brief

Ramadan-time Euro 2016 fever sweeps Arab world

Pakistan bans Ramadan TV shows for discussing blasphemy

Iraq faces humanitarian disaster after Fallujah breakthrough

Demo in London as France blocks migrant aid convoy

Istanbul riot police break up LGBT rally

UN says a record 65 million people displaced in 2015

Calais migrants turn to flimsy boats to cross Channel

Merkel warns against "radical" speech in Brexit debate

Killing of British MP Jo Cox: what we know

French envoy in Egypt for talks on Mideast peace

France grants citizenship to Algerian hero in Paris attacks

Hundreds in silent march for slain French police couple

Despair grows in Iraq camps over hundreds of missing men

Australia PM regrets dinner invite for "anti-gay" cleric

Gambia bans music and dancing during Ramadan

Germany’s president Gauck makes a plea for ″mutual curiosity, empathy and trust″

Australia considers cancelling cleric's visa over gay views

Pakistani clerics declare "honour killings" against Islam

Hillary Clinton warns against "declaring war" on Islam following Orlando shooting

Father of Orlando shooter hosted political show on Afghan-Pakistan issues

Bangladesh arrests 37 'Islamist militants' in crackdown

Malaysia shuts down first Sharia-compliant airline

Ramadan raid on frail Indonesian food seller sparks anger

US Muslim leader condemns Orlando attack, slams extremists

Scottish mosques invite Trump to visit

Indonesian sect leaders detained for blasphemy and treason

Rights groups urge U.N. to put Saudi Yemen coalition back on blacklist

Israel bars all Palestinians after Tel Aviv attack

In Greek camps, wait for asylum fuels unrest

Boxing legend Ali to be laid to rest

Hindu hacked to death in latest attack on Bangladesh minorities

China restricts Ramadan fasting in Muslim region

Erdogan approves controversial bill removing lawmakers' immunity

Merkel rejects Turkish comments after Armenia genocide resolution

Migrants ask EU court to overturn Turkey deal

Bangladesh Sufis defy attacks to hold mass gathering

Protests in Turkey against lifting of lawmakers' immunity

France steps gingerly into Israel-Palestinian peace void

Myanmar's hardline monks regroup after political change

Nigeria's top Islamic body condemns mob killing of Christian woman

Islamist party condemns Tunisia ban on congress

In Louisville, Ali seen as face of 'real Islam'

Muslim holy month of Ramadan starts Monday in the Gulf

American Muslim girl picks university that will allow hijab

Nations that recognise the Armenian 'genocide'

Cricketer Tahir says Ramadan won't put him in a spin

Arab Israeli Salafists take aim at sport and culture

EU's top lawyer backs work headscarf ban

Italy repatriates two Moroccans suspected of Islamist sympathies

Pope meets orphaned refugees

Denmark moves to rein in 'hate preachers'

Chief of W. Sahara Polisario independence group dead