In brief

Afghan Taliban leader hails "legitimate" peace talks

Up to 100 dead migrants wash up on the Libyan coast

Saudi Arabia warns Iran on regional unrest

Obama sells Iran deal

British PM to focus defence spending more on militant risk

Malala: the world is failing Syrian children

27 dead in Bangladesh charity handout stampede

Pakistan's Ramadan laws also affect those who are not obliged to fast

Critics slam Muslim maternity trousers as unsafe

Tunisia slams Britain's evacuation of tourists

Omar Sharif passes away

Former Saudi foreign minister al-Faisal dies at 75

Hundreds of lawyers back Morocco women tried over dresses

Israelis and Palestinians mark one year since Gaza war

Bangladeshi Buddhist monks feed fasting Muslims during Ramadan

Britain remembers 7/7 bombings with flowers and silence

Morocco arrests nine over IS recruitment propaganda

Joint Shia-Sunni ceremony after mosque bombing in Kuwait

Enquiry sheds doubt on beheading of French monks in Algeria

New sports uniforms level the playing field for Muslim girls

British PM Cameron calls for fight back against extremism after Tunisia attack

Tourists evacuated from Tunisia following IS attack

Filipino Muslim rebels lay down arms to reinforce peace deal

Morocco kiss trial resumes as debate on gay law rages

Facing backlash, US Muslims counter with new advertising campaign

Hate and extremism "not Islam", says French PM

Pakistan shuts down offices of Save the Children

New Ramadan rules to help Nordic Muslims in midnight sun

Libya's parliament rebuffs pressure to accept UN deal

Morocco expels two Amnesty International researchers

French mother sues government for letting son join Syria jihad

Indonesia's Aceh bans women from nightspots after 11 p.m.

EU leaders push Libya's warring factions over peace deal

Swedish Foreign Minister says Saudi lashing sentence for blogger is "medieval"

Turkey cabinet resigns after polls blow

Deadly clashes rock Turkey's biggest Kurdish city after polls

Mali's Tuareg-led rebels to sign peace deal on 20 June

Morocco expels two French women after topless gay rights protest

Obama: Netanyahu's Palestine stance erodes Israel's credibility

Egypt's al-Sisi on state visit to Germany

Gunmen kill nine Afghan employees of Czech charity

UN envoy decries Syria regime raids as dozens killed

Comic book "guardians" to steer young Pakistanis away from extremism

Prophet cartoon won't appear on Washington's public transport

Egypt: 2,600 killed since Morsi ousted

US high court backs Muslim woman denied job at Abercrombie

French far-right leader says Egypt visit failed to change immigration view

Soccer: Palestine drops motion to have Israel suspended from FIFA

Crowds gather for anti-Islam demonstration outside Phoenix mosque

France's Le Pen hails Egypt's battle against "extremism"

Indonesia to send Rohingya children to Islamic boarding schools

Libya issues warning after PM escapes assassination