In brief

U.S. treasury secretary to hold talks in India as pressure builds on Iran

Syria's Assad says Kurdish controlled northeast Syria must return to state authority

Syrian government and opposition attempt direct talks after years of war

India moves to divide Jammu and Kashmir state despite protests and attacks

In historic vote, U.S. House recognises 'Armenian genocide'

Algeria registers 22 candidates for presidential vote

Human Rights Watch criticises Algeria's closure of churches and crackdown

U.S. raises 'outrageous' detention of journalist with Egypt

Masked gunmen attack protesters in Iraq's holy city of Karbala; 18 killed

Lebanon government falls, as protesters demand 'more'

Iraqi Prime Minister Mahdi ousted by main backers amid protests

Iraqi Kurds turn to Zoroastrianism as faith and identity entwine

Defying crackdown, thousands of Iraqis keep protesting

Lebanon protesters block roads to keep revolt alive

IMF stresses urgency of reforms in Lebanon to restore economic stability

Pakistan denies use of airspace to Indian prime minister

Large anti-government procession heads to Pakistan's capital

Iraq opens 2nd camp to cope with Syrian Kurd influx

Abu Bakr Baghdadi's aide was key to his capture

Erdogan says will clear 'terrorists' from Syria border if Sochi deal fails

India holds Kashmir elections despite lockdown

After withdrawal, Trump shifts focus to Syria oil fields

Lebanon's President Aoun invites protesters to talk and hints at government reshuffle

Iraqi police fire tear gas as protesters hit Baghdad streets

Between hope and horror, Iraqis brace for new protests

Turkish and Syrian ambassadors clash at UN Security Council

India and Pakistan set to sign pilgrim corridor pact amid Kashmir tension

"Baby Shark" song used to soothe toddler becomes rallying cry in Lebanon

U.S. diplomat: Kashmir human rights a concern for Washington

Trump finds no simple fix in Syria – or other world hotspots

In limbo as crisis rages, Lebanese banks remain shut

Turkey and Russia agree to control north-east Syria as Kurds forced out

Lebanon's Hariri agrees reforms amid nationwide protests over economic crisis

Hundreds of thousands take over streets as Lebanon's protests grow

Germany's Maas: Turkish 'invasion' not in line with international law

U.S. troops in Syria going to Iraq, not home as Trump claims

Apple economy latest casualty in strife-torn Kashmir

Sudan peace talks stall as rebel group halts talks over attack

Israel's 'daring' theatre fest turns 40

Rights groups call on Egypt authorities to free Esraa Abdel Fattah

African refugee women report surge of sex attacks in Egypt

Shelling heard around Syrian town after Turkish-U.S. ceasefire deal

Afghan refugee's 'Dream' coffee shop in Iran becomes reality

U.S. 'deeply concerned' about untraceable China ships carrying Iran oil

Yemeni government and separatists to sign deal ending Aden standoff

Turkey pushes offensive in Syria, despite sanctions and calls to stop

“Die Welt” on Europe's weak influence in Syria

Confusion and chaos reign as Trump ends U.S. presence in Syria

Egypt arrests blogger and journalist Esraa Abdel Fattah

German pianist Igor Levit dedicates award to victims of far-right terror

Outsider Saied set for landslide in Tunisia presidency

Pompeo says Orwell's '1984' coming to life in China's Xinjiang region