In brief

Hollande warns against sacrificing rights to anti-terror fight

US and Russia fail to reach Syria deal

Poll shows British public heavily in favour of burka ban

Merkel's party falls behind right-wing AfD in her home state

German Jewish leader calls populist AfD rise "frightening"

Britain urged to take in 400 children from Calais camp

Australia to widen scope of targets in IS air war

German official calls for U.N. sanctions against Syria

Pakistan asks UK to take legal action against ethnic party leader

UN hails suspension of France's burkini ban, slams "stigmatisation"

Philippines' Duterte to meet fugitive Muslim rebel

Pakistani team develops menstrual game app to break taboos

After Turkish offensive, Syrian town starts erasing legacy of Islamic State

Tunisia "road terrorism" sees traffic deaths rise

UN aid to Syria shoring up Assad regime

France seeks new chapter in Muslim relations

Turkish Syrian operation forces US to make hard choice

106 Afghan students detained in Pakistan madrassa raid

UN document says Morocco violated Western Sahara ceasefire

Anti-burkini law would be "unconstitutional"

In Egypt, ecstatic pilgrims start journey to Mecca

Merkel says EU nations must not to refuse Muslim migrants

France's top court suspends burkini ban

Pakistani court orders UK woman's suspected killers jailed

Indonesian church attacker "obsessed" with Islamic State leader

Philippine Muslim extremists stage mass jailbreak

UK Birmingham council ″endorsed Muslim sectarianism″ against Ahmadis

Muslim refugee thrown off integration programme in Germany for wearing headscarf

Iran denies Saudi allegations it gave Yemen rebels missiles

Evacuation to begin of rebel-held Damascus suburb

Scandals mount for Morocco's Islamists ahead of vote

Life's a beach: burkini ban demo held in London

London mayor criticises burkini ban before Paris visit

Europe must take more responsibility on migrant crisis

Moscow calls on US to do more to counter Syria's al-Nusra

'Burkini' bans good for sales: Australian designer

Rights groups condemn executions over Iraq massacre

Canada's Mounties allow women officers to wear hijab

Czech PM says no to 'large Muslim community'

Iranian religious leader applauds Pope Francis for his stance on Islam and IS

Italian imam posts photos of nuns on beach: FB account blocked

Mufti shocks Russia with call for genital mutilation of all women

'IS child bomber' kills at least 51 at wedding in Turkey

Malaysian rapper detained for 'insulting Islam'

French beach burkini ban sparks disdain across the sea

Interior minister says face veils have no place in Germany

Israeli minister bans soldiers from volunteering with migrant children

Jordan condemns visit of 'extremist' Jews to holy site

Russia ready for humanitarian ceasefire in Syria's Aleppo

Australian state leader offers to house stranded asylum seekers

HRW urges Jordan to get more Syrian children into school

Numbers leaving Germany to join Islamic State on the rise