German President Johannes Rau (photo: AP)

Headscarf Debate

Will Beards Be Banned Soon Too?

Michael Glos (photo: AP)


Turkey's EU Bid Up for Discussion Again

Afghan President Hamid Karzai (photo: AP)


The Rocky Road to a New Constitution

Europe - so near and yet so far: a luxury liner in the Straits of Gibraltar. (photo: AP)


When the Boat Comes In...

Human rights activist Haitham Maleh (photo: Amnesty International)


Life as a Permanent State of Emergency

photo: AP


World Politics on the Brink of a New Era?

European relief workers begin their work in Iran (photo: AP)


Hopes for Finding Survivors Fade

People flee the city of Bam in Iran after the violent earthquake on Friday.


Quake Death Toll Climbs to 20,000

Ghadafi, photo: AP


Gadhafi Renounces Weapons of Mass Destruction

They got him and are now calling for the "ultimate punishment." (photo: AP)


Europeans Oppose Death Sentence for Saddam

The work of Germany's Stasi archive could serve as a model for Iraqi leaders. (photo: AP)

German-Iraqi Relations

Coming to Grips with the Past

Indonesia's former prime minister Mahatir Mohamad (photo: AP)


Mahathir's Difficult Inheritance

Turkish Cypriot President Rauf Denktash will be remaining in office but may lose his position as negotiator. (Photo: AP)


Election Ends in Tie

An estimated 550 million small arms are in circulation worldwide. (photo: AP)


Arms Exports Under Fire


Chirac, Schröder Support Debt Relief

Where will the ex-dictator stand trial? (photo: AP)

The Iraq Crisis

Saddam Hussein's Uncertain Future

Where will the ex-dictator stand trial? (photo: AP)

The Iraq Crisis

Saddam Hussein's Uncertain Future

Logging on -- U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan in Geneva ahead of the World Summit on the Information Society. (photo: AP)

Digital Divide

Trying to Narrow the Gap

photo: Markus Kirchgessner

Media Dialogue

Whither Iran?

Synagogue in Marseille, France (photo: AP)

Anti-Semitism Debate

EU Survey Dogged by Controversy