Elyas, Foto: AFP

"Dialogue With Both Society and Other Muslims"

G.Krämer Foto: BR-Online

Gudrun Krämer

Humans Are God's Stewards on Earth

Bielefeldt und Bahmanpour

Freedom of Speech and Foreign Intervention

Heiner Bielefeldt

Muslims In A Secular Constitutional State

Heiner Bielefeldt

Identity and Possibilities

Mohammad Saeed Bahmanpour

Rate of Change

Heiner Bielefeldt

Two Forms of Secularism

Heiner Bielefeldt

The Role of Politics

The Politics of Social Justice: Religion vs Human Rights?

Otfried Höffe

Cultural Imperialism or Intercultural Discourse (excerpts)

Human Rights and Islam


"There Should Be a Clear Commitment to Secularism!"

"The Charter Remains Ambiguous in Matters of Equal Rights"