Photo: Nelly Youssef

Interview Nabil Abdel Fatah

Egypt – Hopelessness, Frustration Spawning a New Generation of Terrorists

Amira Hass (photo: © Babelmed.net 2005)

Amira Hass: Diary from Palestine

"Tomorrow Will Be Worse"

photo: Deutsche Welle

Cem Özdemir

"Democracy and Islam Are Two of a Kind"

photo: AP

Turkish Penal Code Comes into Force

"Reforms Are Not Easy, But Necessary"

Amien Rais - PKS official candidate for the presidential election 2004, photo: AP

The "Prosperous Justice Party" PKS in Indonesia

No Contradiction between Islam and Democracy

The supremacy of law seems to be the priority foundation upon which a pluralistic democracy can be build, argues Khoury

Pluralistic Democracy in the Arab World

Judicial Reforms Must Underpin Wider Arab Change

With the arrest of four prominent figures of the opposition the "spring of Damascus" soon came to an end, photo: AP

Interview Ali al-Atassi

"There Is a Need for Pressure from Inside of Syria"

The commander-in-chief of the German army, Wilhelm Keitel, signs the capitulation on May 8, 1945 (photo: DPA)

The Third World in WWII

"Our Victims Don't Count"

France's Muslims are just as evenly divided on the "Oui" for the constitution as the rest of the population (photo: AP)

France's EU Referendum

Muslims Divided on EU Constitution

Georges Corm (photo: Georgescorm.com)

Georges Corm

"Laicism Should Not Be Seen as a Specifically Western Doctrine"

Gold bracelets (photo: Larissa Bender)

Civil Society in Turkey

Asterix of Bergama's Struggle against the Authorities

Photo: DPA

Presidential Elections in Iran

Hashemi Rafsanjani – The Least Common Denominator

photo: AP

EU Dialogue with Islamists

Hamas and Hizbullah Key to Mideast Peace?

Every time a plot of land is sold to Israeli Arabs, the state must replenish the lost land reserves – but it is not clear how (photo: AP)

National Land Policy in Israel

Jews and Palestinians Protest Jewish National Fund

Protestors in Kyrgyzstan (photo: AP)

Central Asian Republics

A Balancing Act between Democracy and Islam

Tired of Arab and Islamic pressures from the north: Refugees from southern Sudan, photo: AP

Analysis Fred Halliday

Sudan between War and Politics

News stand in Morocco (photo: Larissa Bender)

The Press in the Maghrib

Between a Rock (Censorship) and a Hard Place (Prison)

Aleppo 1915 (photo: AP/Armenian National Archives)

Turkey and Armenia

"This Is None of Europe's Business"

Fareena Alam (photo: private)

Fareena Alam

Five Principles for Islam's Future

Yusuf al-Qaradawi (photo: Qaradwi.net)

The International Association of Muslim Scholars

Yusuf al-Qaradawi and the Foundation of a "Global Muslim Authority"