Islamist in Baghdad, Photo: AP

Commentary Amr Hamzawy

The West Must Now Speak with Islamists

photo: Larissa Bender

The "Leaden Years" in Morocco

Public Hearings – Educative but No Blame Applied

Morocco's King Mohammed VI (photo: AP)

Women's Rights

Morocco's King Takes a Courageous Step

Turkey's Euro-Sceptic Ranks Swell

Fears Grow that EU Membership Would Equate to a Sell-Out of National Interests

Sonja Hegasy (photo: Michael Schutz)

Arab Human Development Report

The US-Led Democratization Project Has a Credibility Problem

A dialogue and its limitations: opinions diverge on the Near East conflict (photo: Peter Philipp)

Dialogue Conference in Egypt

Is the West Using Its Economic Might to Subjugate the Muslim World?

An anxious wait – numerous immigrants hold out in front of the Moroccan consulate in Valencia to certify documents necessary to obtain desired legal status, photo: AP

The Legalization of Immigrants in Spain

Hope for the "Invisible" of Society

The Syrian opposition lives under the watchful eye of the regime and in the hope that reforms promised by President al-Assad put an end to their isolation, photo: AP

Political Reforms in Syria

Reluctant Embrace

Hands tied for decades by the legal authorities: Iranian journalists protest for freedom of the press in Teheran, photo: AP

The Media in Iran

A Respite for Teheran's Independent Press

The Association Agreement between the EU and Algeria was ratified in Algiers (photo: AP)

The Barcelona Process

Association Agreement with Algeria Ratified

Foreign preachers are under increased scrutiny in Germany (photo: AP)

Berlin-Based "Hate Preacher" Expelled

Freedom of Belief Was Turned into Open Expression of Hatred, Says Interior Senator

photo: Kristin Helberg

The Yemeni Dialogue Committee

Judge Fights Terror through Force of Conviction

Aslan Maskhadov, rebel leader and former president of Chechnya, was a harbinger of hope for peace. He was killed by the Russian army, photo: dpa

Commentary André Glucksmann

Aslan Maskhadov – Chechnya's de Gaulle

A copy of the so-called "Spiritual Instruction" was found in a bag belonging to Mohammed Atta (photo: AP)

The "Spiritual Instruction" of the Attacks

From the Turkish Wars to September 11

Iranian experts inspect the nuclear plant in Isfahan which is used as an Uranium Conversion Facility (photo: AP)

Iran's Nuclear Programme

Carrot and Stick for Tehran

Nigerian sociologist and economist Lamido Sanusi (photo: Kingsley Lii-Addy)

"Shariacracy" in Nigeria

Difficult Balance between Sharia and Human Rights

The debate on Turkey's EU entry has often centered on religion, photo: AFP

Giacomo Luciano

Islam - Obstacle on the Way to Europe?

The Turkish press is currently experiencing a heated intellectual debate (photo: AP)

François Skvor

Turkish Intellectuals and Europe

Yasar Kemal

Yasar Kemal

"Turkey Is European, If It Adopts Democracy"

Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan has worked hard to move his country closer to Europe (photo: AP)

Karin Wedra

Turkey Could Be a Stabilisation Factor for Europe