The opposition has campaigned tirelessly for reform over the past few months - "Kifaya"-supporters demonstrate in front of Cairo University, photo: AP

Constitutional Change in Egypt

Reform Fever Induced by External Powers?

Iraqi women fear for their children's future (photo: AP)

Radioactive Aftermath in Iraq

Increased Mortality Rate after the two Gulf Wars

photo: AP

Militant Islamism

Algeria – A Member of the "Axis of Good"?

The municipal elections in February 2005 were the kingdom's first nationwide elections. Women were barred from running or voting in the election (photo: AP)

Saudi Municipal Elections

Gradualism of Reform and Traditional Politics


Is Ankara Losing its Reform Zeal?

Gerhard Schröder during his visit of the Old Town in Sanaa, Yemen (photo: AP)

German Chancellor Visits Persian Gulf

Schröder, German Mission Seek Business Contacts

Emine Demirbüken-Wegner (CDU) campaigns for the integration of immigrants and against discrimination, photo: CDU

Interview Emine Demirbüken-Wegner

A Muslim in the Christian Democrat Party

photo: AP

EU and Human Rights

Sanctions Must Be Targeted

Talat and his wife casting their votes (photo: AP)

Turkish Cypriot Elections

EU Welcomes Election Outcome

Iranian President Khatami and European Union foreign policy chief Solana in Teheran, photo: AP

EU and Iran

Europe's Controversial Diplomacy

Poppy field in Afghanistan, photo: AP


Dilemmas of Fighting Drugs

Iraqi Elections

Shiites, Kurds Dominate Iraq Vote

Turkey still has to resolve its Kurdish issue (photo: ap)


Kurdish Issue Unresolved

photo: dpa

Dual Citizenship

German Citizens Face Expatriation

Among the ruling class, Crown Prince Abdallah is the one most ready to support reforms, analysts say (photo: dpa)

International Conference on Terrorism

Meeting of Security Experts in Riyadh

The rapid embrace of the "new Ghaddafi" by Romano Prodi demonstrated clearly that the EU was at least as interested in Libya as the other way round (photo: AP)

How to Deal with the "New Ghaddafi"?

Opportunities and Risks in Rapprochement

Islamic scholars in Ghom, Iran's theological hotbed (photo: dpa)

Religious Reformist Thinkers in Iran

Intellectually Victorious, but Politically Defeated

Iran's Nuclear Program

Military Threat to Ensure Successful Negotiation?

German politicians agree that the elections were a victory for Iraq (photo: AP)

Iraqi Elections

Germany United in Praise for Iraq

Ferhad Ibrahim (photo: dpa)

Iraqi Elections

Civil War Is Possible