France's imams should be able to speak French, says Dominique de Villepin (photo: AP)


University Courses for Muslim Prayer Leaders

Glass Dome of the German Bundestag (photo: AP)

Arab World Days

Opportunities for a Change in Perspective

Democratisation in the Arab world currently has a very low priority for Western politics, says Amr Hamzawy (photo: private)

The Arab Reform Movement

Taking Stock after One Year

Palestinian and Israeli foreign ministers Shaath and Shalom shake hands, aided by Dutch FM, Ben Bot (photo: AP)

Euromed Dialogue

European Union Urges Engagement in Middle East

EU hopes to bring Israelis and Palestinians together (photo: AP)

Mideast Peace Process

Opening the Door of Opportunity

The van Gogh murder has sparked doubts about whether integration concepts developed in the 1980s are still viable (photo: AP)

The Netherlands

No Longer a Bastion of Tolerance in Europe?

Corsica's flag (image: F. Schlachtschneider)


Bombings against the North African Population

Assia Bensalah Alaoui and Romano Prodi, photo: EU Website

Assia Bensalah Alaoui

The Arab World Demands Coherence

Commissioner Beck, center, at Sunday's Muslim march in Cologne (photo: dpa)

Muslims in Germany

Integration Head Wants Imams to Speak German

In Turkey, modern farming equipment is still rare (photo: AP)

Farmers Pose a Problem for EU Accession

Muslims in Germany were practically pushed to seclude themselves, argues Peter Philipp (photo: AP)

"Parallel Societies"

Who's Afraid of the Sorbs?

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, photo: AP

Middle East Peace Process

Palestine Will Survive Arafat

The police are omnipresent in Tunisia (photo: AP)


Social Changes in the Police State

photo: AP

Opinion Peter Philipp

No Need to Panic in Holland

The social inclusion of young Muslims is key, say politicians (photo: AP)

The Pressing Issue of Integration

Holland Prompts Soul-Searching in Germany

Hui women in Gongmachuang in Henan Province, photo: AP

Islam in China

Ethnic Powder Keg in Henan Province

Fear spreads after the attack on a Koranic school: Muslims in Eindhoven, photo: AP


A Litmus Test for the Dutch Integration Policy

EU officials want to improve the integration of ethnic minorities (photo: Bilderbox)

EU Tackles Integration Issues

Trying to Bridge Gaps on a Political Level

Suad Amiry, photo: ai

Suad Amiry

"Not Without My Mother-in-Law"

Study on Corruption

Bangladesh the Second-most Corrupt Country