Fahd academy, Foto: AP

No Closure for the Fahd Academy

Foto: AP

EU Praises Reforms by Turkey

Photo: AP


Further attacks could see the Red Cross evacuate its international staff from Iraq, Foto: AP

Stay or Go: The Question for NGOs in Iraq

Fahd Academy in Bonn (photo: AP)

Al-Qaida in Bonn?

The final draft of the EU Constitution - before the red marker.

God's Place in the EU Constitution

Abbas Beydoun

Friday, April 11, 2003

Abbas Beydoun; photo: Larissa Bender

Abbas Beydoun

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Globalisation Critics Are Naïve

Many women in Iraq suffer from sexual repression and are thus kept from rebuilding the country

Fear of Violence Prevents Iraqi Women from Taking Part in Rebuilding their Country

Media Tenor's analysis survey

Journalism: Scratching the Surface

Metin Kaplan's "Caliphate State" was banned in Germany after the 9/11 attacks.

German Minister Pursues "Caliph of Cologne" Extradition in Turkey

photo: AP

Has the World Changed Since September 11th?

A civil rights activist's nightmare - a European Big Brother

Civil Rights after September 11th

Preventing Conflict through Cultural and Educational Exchange

Nadeem Elyas, Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany

A Religion Under Investigation

Pupils in Germany, Foto: Bilderbox

Kids and September 11 - Two Years On

Germany is home to almost two million Turks.

Turkish Leader Hopes Berlin Will Support EU Bid

Foto: AP, oil pumping station in Kirkuk, Iraq

German Industry Confident of Role in Iraqi Reconstruction

Turkish fast food faces EU scrutiny as the country scrambles to get into the bloc.

Turks Troubled By Possibility of Tripe Ban