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Women in the Gulf

Exploited and Patronized

Tülay Tugcu, photo:dpa

Tülay Tugcu

New President of the Turkish Constitutional Court

Prisoner in Egypt's Ebaa prison (photo: dpa)

Nadim Center in Cairo

Against Torture and Sexist Violence

Iran's uranium conversion facility outside the city of Esfahan, photo: AP

Commentary: Iran's Nuclear Program

Much Ado About Nothing

Mohammed Bouyeri will spend his remaining days behind bars, photo: dpa

Mohammed Bouyeri Court Case

Van Gogh Murderer Sentenced to Life

Touring Europe for the rights of her people: Rebiya Kadir, photo: DW

Portrait Rebiya Kadir

Fighting for the Uighurs' Rights

Pakistan's President Musharraf at the election ballot (photo: AP)

Interview Ayesha Jalal

Pakistan: A State with a Split Personality

Syrian President Assad at the Baath party conference in Damascus (photo: AP)

Media in Syria

Restricted Scope

Aiman Mazyek, photo: Green Helmets

After the Terror Attacks in London

Muslims' Condemnation Is Vital, But Not Enough

Nabil Abdel-Fattah, photo: Nelly Youssef

Aftermath of the Terrorist Attacks

Underlying Forces

In many Middle Eastern countries, children have to go to work at an early age, but they are unlikely ever to get a steady job, photo: L. Bender

Youth in the Middle East

A Dangerous Time Bomb

Several former Serbian leaders are still at large (photo: AP)

The Srebrenica Massacre

Can Serbia Face the Past?

Londoners mourn the victims of the terrorist attacks; photo: ap

Terror in London

Living with Growing Suspicion

Volker Perthes, photo: 'German Institute for International and Security Affairs'

Book Review Volker Perthes

Arab Elites: Negotiating the Politics of Change

Headscarf Dispute in Turkey

Veiled Debates

Dutch member of parliament, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, answers questions about Islam during a press conference in The Hague, photo: AP

Ayaan Hirsi Ali / Geert Mak

The Trend towards Ideologising Public Debate in the Netherlands

Mai Yamani (photo: Royal Institute for International Affairs)

Commentary Mai Yamani

Saudi Arabia Is Blocking Reforms

Lies Marcoes-Natsir, photo: Arian "Ur" Fariborz

Analysis Lies Marcoes-Natsir

The Headscarf: Symbol of Defiance or Symbol of Loyalty?

In this developmental project, women in rural areas of Bangladesh are supported. However, developing countries are often obliged to accept goods and services from the donor country, sometimes at higher prices (photo: Deutsche Welle)

Development Cooperation

Helpless Help

Eveline Herfgens (photo: World Federation of United Nations Associations)

UN Coordinator Eveline Herfkens:

"Bring the Millennium Development Goals on to the Streets"