Iran tested the new Shahab-3 ahead of showdown talks with the EU, photo: AP

Iran's Nuclear Program

Tehran Defiant Ahead of EU Talks

Leyla Zana is seen by many Kurds as an icon of their cause (photo: AP)

EU Sakharov Prize

Leyla Zana Waits Nine Years to Accept Award

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque in Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei (photo: AP)

Political Reforms in Brunei

Parliamentary Elections as a Fig Leaf?


French Lawmakers Debate Turkish EU Bid

Turkish authorities are now in charge of Kaplan, photo: AP


Kaplan Ouster Is Good for All

Amr Mussa could work in between the moderate Islamists and the liberals, says Gamal Abdelnasser (photo: AP)

Political Elites in Egypt

Between the Moderate Islamists and the Liberals

Italian PM Berlusconi has already forged closer ties with Gadhafi, photo: AP

Libya Sanctions

EU Lifts Arms Ban Against Tripolis

Turkish police must rid themselves of the old mindset, say activists, photo: AP

Human Rights in Turkey

Torture Remains Tricky Issue

Turkey's Religion Council

Setting Guidelines for Islam and Politics

Germany is one of Turkey's strongest European allies (photo: AP)


Schröder Hails Erdogan as a "Great Reformer"

New rules could put a stop to asylum in Europe, photo: AP


Human Rights Group Slams EU Asylum Plans

Wan Azizah Ismail in front of "Justice Party" logo, photo: AP

Anwar Ibrahim

Democracy as Safeguard Against Repressive Islam

Turkey: the new star on the European horizon? (image: DW)

A Budding Seed of Doubt

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, photo: AP

Ruling AKP Under Fire Over Reform Delay

Abu al-Ula Madi, photo: islamonline

The Al-Wasat Party

Democratic and Pluralistic?

Subject of debate: Iran's nuclear site Busheher near Shiraz (photo: AP)

Nuclear Conflict in Iran

Playing With Fire

photo: University of Fribourg

Portrait Tariq Ramadan

Role-Model for Muslim Youths throughout Europe

Journalists are "Gossiping old ladies in the steam bath" - according to President Bouteflika who was reelected only this year (photo: AP)

Censorship in Algeria

The End of Freedom of the Press?

All smiles: Erdogan and Verheugen (photo: AP)


Verheugen: No More Obstacles to Accession Talks

Indonesia's new President to be: ex-general Yudhoyono (photo: AP)

Election Result in Indonesia

The Country Is Firmly on the Democratic Road