As the country moves closer to Europe, the military is slowly giving up its role as "protector of the republic" (photo: AP)


First Civilian as Head of National Security Council

Iraqi women crowd the entrance to the Passport Authority in Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2004. As Iraq works to take its first faltering steps towards democracy and transparency, its bureaucracy has become even more riddled with corruption, dishonesty and favoritism than its was under the previous regime. (photo: AP)

Reforms in the Arab World

"Corruption Is Just a Different Kind of Tax"

Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin says binationalism is the only solution - for now (photo: Youssef Hijazi)

Interview Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin

"I Feel Responsible for the Victims of Zionism"

photo: AP


Funds not Used for Palestinian Terror

Kurnaz was born in Germany, his family lives in Bremen (photo: DW-World)


Bremen Guantanamo Inmate's Fate Unclear

Since privatization, water in Jakarta is no longer a common good (photo: Bundesumweltministerium)


People Have Started Digging Their Own Wells

International Human Rights Day 2003, Berlin

Human Rights

National versus Individual Sovereignty

Iran's nuclear reactor Bushehr (photo: AP)


Europe's Iranian Dilemma

Turkey is waving its flag, but the country political elite is still divided (photo: AP)


The Road to Political Change Runs Via Europe

Besides the Janjaweed militias, the Darfur region is in turmoil for other reasons as well (photo: AP)


Darfur Conflict: Oil, Poverty and Land Degradation

Gunmen have been slaughtering people in Darfur for 16 months (photo: AP)


An Impotent International Community

Educators worry about what kids are taught in Koran schools, photo: AP


The Battle for German Muslim Minds

Germany's Foreign Minister Fischer strolls in grand mosque of Lahore, Pakistan, photo: AP

EU/South Asia

From Flirtation to Commitment

As the powers of the critical left wane, anti-Palestinian resentment is on the rise (photo: AP)


Israel's Critical Intellectuals on the Defensive

The Old Bridge connected the two sides of Mostar since 1566 (photo: AP)


Rebuilt Bridge Brings Hope

A border still divides north and south Cyprus (photo: AP)


Celebrating a Dubious Birthday

Logo Bertrelsmann Foundation

Transformation Index Report

Judging Successful Democratisation

German foreign minister Fischer and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, photo: AP

Germany's Middle-East Policy

For a Special Relationship with the Palestinians

Immigrants continue to attempt to cross the Mediterranean sea (photo: AP)


Europe's Invisible Walls

Construction continues on Sharon's orders (photo: AP)


Missing the Point